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Mirëserdhe! I saw that someone (was it you?) had started translating the locale, but it was an old version and not everything was done so I decided to translate a new version. I am Dori by the way, and I am Albanian. Where are you from? Dori 2003 Tetor 15 12:31 (UTC)

Jam nga Spanja. I've got an Albanian friend (Aisel, a.k.a. Kokëçëmçakiz) and she taught me pak gjuhan shqipën (excuse my mistakes) and I taught myself a little bit but I think I have forgotten almost all of it (it was very little anyway). I'm so happy that at last sq.wikipedia.org has taken off!! Congratulations! - (Kokëplesht) Piolinfax 2003 Tetor 17 19:03 (UTC)
Um, you do realize that the nick name you go by means "fleahead" right :) I appreciate any help, but I don't think we should create pages just for the international links though. Perhaps, you could save them to the Wikipedia namespace (say under your user namespace), and when any articles are actually written we can just paste them in. Dori 2003 Tetor 17 20:55 (UTC)
Tungjatjeta! OK, You are right. I'll do that (I think I just felt too elated). Faleminderit! - Piolinfax 2003 Tetor 18 11:12 (UTC)
Hey, it's not a problem. I deleted the pages. What you can do is put the text in between <nowiki></nowiki> tags. That way the text does not get parsed. For example: *[[plesht]] : [[de:Floh]] [[en:Flea]] [[nl:vlo]]. By the way, your Albanian is not that bad :) __Dori 2003 Tetor 18 14:42 (UTC)
Yes, I thought of it after I left the cybercafe. I have always a hurry feeling and I usually never think properly when inside such a place. Faleminderit anyway. And thanx for saying my Albanian is not that bad (nice but not sensible compliment) :))) - Piolinfax 2003 Tetor 19 10:39 (UTC)

Ç'kemi Piolinfax? Nuk flas spanjisht, comprendo un poco porque hablo italiano :). I mostly trying to set up sq so that others could work on it. If you notice, I am mostly setting up Wikipedia pages, translating the software, etc. I don't think I will be contributing any articles here for a long time, because it would not be worth the time to undertake it by myself. I think it's more worthwhile for me to write in en for now. Talk to you later, Dori | Diskuto 2003 Dhjetor 13 19:33 (UTC)

By the way, I made a small dictionary for some key, technical words to allow navigation in the Albanian wikipedia by non-Albanians, and also for Albanians that are used to other words. You might find it useful, and it's called Fjalorthi (Albanian for small dictionary). If you find anything lacking, list the english or spanish counterpart, and I'll see if I can track it down. Dori | Diskuto 2003 Dhjetor 14 00:16 (UTC)

Scientific classificationRedakto

Sorry that I haven't replied for a long time, but I didn't have internet access. I don't remember the words for the template, but I will look them up and let you know. Dori | Diskutim 2004 Tetor 8 02:36 (UTC)

Hmm, I haven't been able to find an authoritative source. I can guess as to most:
Kingdom - Mbretëri/a
Phylum - Tip/i (?); Division - Grup/i
Class - Klasë/a
Order - Rend/i
Family - Familje/a
Genus - Gjini/a
Species - Specie/a or Lloj/i (?)
Dori | Diskutim 2004 Nëntor 15 01:56 (UTC)

Hipi ZhtripiRedakto


Faleminderit, but I can't take credit for all the other work that others are doing. I'm happy to help, but I'm also lazy :) Dori | Diskuto 2005 Dhjetor 29 04:05 (UTC)


Hi, yes I saw your reaction and I made my own.The real thing is that even the greatest wikipedias just like english one, german end so have in some periods worked in structures and not in real articles (at the first begining).

So I realy don't blame ru.wikt and el.wikt because I think there is some reason whi they do that, not just (or) counting the articles, even is that about some numbers I have one question: Who cares how many articles has albanian wik...?

Some times I structurize some articles (as you say make number). Whi? I do it for two good reasons:

  1. is to increase the number of articles which I hope will increase the number of editors that means will increase the bealiving inwikipedia as one very good project for all albaninas.
  2. is that some editors passing by let some information in some article, undestandable, unorganized. So with this structure what I have made I see that those editors let the message in the right place so complete the article which is logically (just) structurized.

So why I'm just structurizeing some articles? I do it because we are 7 admins 5 active, and active are working 4 admins and some 3-4 users. What can you do ?

It's the best logicaly way to structurize because logicaly one day english wikipedia and albanian wikipedia will have same number of articles (logicaly) because will include all the articles of the world.

As last thing I'll say that we are not working in numbers but in the informations and in the wy how ti iniciate people to be included in working in this project to donate at least by writeing some article meaby and in geaving money just like other nations do.

With all do respect. (Puntori 29 Janar 2007 23:51 (UTC))

Hi again. I undestand you. And as first thing I whana to say that I didn't sad that you blame them :). You saîd that structure is like to open the doors of the house so we are opening those doors as much as it logical is (not just to make number of articles).
When the word is about wictionary phh it's not important if some index page is in wiki/ or wiki/wiktionary even if it's counted because those index pages can be 10, 100 or 1000 (it's to big :) ) but what is this number when we compare with 100 000 word articles or 300 000 conuction word articles?
I hope that you are not disappointed because of those fake numbers about those 10 articles in albanian wictionary. :)
Nice to discusse with you. (Puntori 30 Janar 2007 10:02 (UTC))
One other thing I whanted to say today. sq.Wiktionary is builded over some structure in which structure some of us what are working are working so you can't come and change something just to teach us and let other be like it is. First of all we should discuss about the problam what you see and then make a changes when is in question more than one page.
I hope you understood me. (Puntori 13 Shkurt 2007 10:29 (UTC))