Ndryshimi mes inspektimeve të "Giovanni Bona de Boliris"

HeAi signedi hisnenshkruante italian andpoemat Latinetij poemsne asistalisht dhe latinisht me emrat Giovanni Bona, Johannes Bona anddhe Ioannes Bonna.
The most famous work of Giovanni Bona is "''Descriptio sinus et urbis Ascriviensis (for D. Ioannem Bonam de Boliris, nobilem Catharensem'')" ("''Description of the Gulf and City of Cattaro" (by Mr. Giovanni Bona de Boliris, noble of Cattaro)'') a poem of 331 Latin exameters with which he glorified the [[Bocche di Cattaro]], [[Cattaro]] itself and the other localities of the fairy Gulf in the present-day Montenegro.
Bona de Boliris kept close relations with the literary circles in Italy, particularly with the poets gathered around the court of Naples.
When [[Girolamo Ruscelli]], in 1551, collected poetic texts for an anthology in honour of Giovanna d'Aragona, Dukess of [[Paliano]], the beautiful Napolitan wife of Ascanio Colonna (member of the famous [[Colonna family]]), he invited to write also Bona de Boliris of Cattaro who, joining the initiative, was present in the volume published in Venice in 1554 with the title "''Il tempio della divina signora donna Giovanna d'Aragona, fabbricato da tutti i più gentili spiriti e in tutte le lingue principali del mondo''" ("''The Temple of the Divine Lady Mrs. Giovanna d'Aragona, Made by the Most Gentle Spirits and in All the Principal Languages of the World''").
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