Ndryshimi mes inspektimeve të "Zosimos"

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Zosimus' ''[[Historia Nova]]'', "New History", ështe shkruar ne greqisht ne 6 vellime. Për periudhen nga 238 deri 270, ai ne aparence perdori [[Dexippus]]; per periudhen nga 270 deri 404, [[Eunapius]]; dhe mbas 407, [[Olympiodorus of Thebes|Olympiodorus]]. His slavish dependence upon his sources is made clear by the change in tone and style between the Eunapian and Olympiodoran sections, and by the muddled gap left in between them. In the Eunapian section, for example, he is pessimistic, vague, and critical of Stilicho; in the Olympiodoran section, he offers precise figures and transliterations from the Latin, and favors Stilicho. The work breaks off abruptly in the summer of 410 at the beginning of book 6.
Libri i pare skicon shkurtimisht historinë e hershme [[Roman emperors]] nga [[Augustus]] te [[Diocletian]] (305); i dyti , i treti dhe i kateri merren plotesisht me perudhen nga accession of [[Constantius Chlorus]] dhe [[Galerius]] te vdekja e [[Theodosius I]]; i pesti dhe i gjashtih, the most useful for historians, cover the period between 395 and 410, when [[Priscus Attalus]] was deposed. Per kete periudhe, ai eshte burimi me i rendesishme i mbijetuar jokishtar. TheVepra work, whichqe isne apparentlypamje unfinished,te ispare duket e poambaruar, believedbesohet tote have beenjete writtenshkruar inne 498–518.
Stili ështe i karakterizuar nga [[Photios I of Constantinople|Photius]] as concise, clear and pure; other historians have judged his accounts confused or muddled, and valuable only because he preserves information from lost histories. The historian's object was to account for the [[decline of the Roman Empire]] from the pagan point of view. Zosimus is the only non-Christian source for much of what he reports.
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