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Shqiptaret filluan te nguliten ne [[Australia]] nga fillimi i viteve 1920 kryesisht ne Veri te [[Queensland]], [[Western Australia]] dhe [[Shepparton, Victoria|Shepparton]] ne [[Victoria (Australia)|Victoria]]. This ended with the commencement of World War 2.
MigrationMigrationi toper Australiane Australi recommenced in 1950s from Albanian escapees from communism as well as from [[Greece]], southern [[Italy]] and [[Kosovo]]. Beginning in the 1990s, migration occurred from [[Bosnia]], [[Albania]], [[Montenegro]], [[Kosovo]], and the [[Republic of Macedonia]] of refugees from wars which ravaged the Balkan region in those years.
==Klubte sportive shqiptare==
==Albanian sport clubs==
*[[Dandenong Thunder]]
*[[North Sunshine Eagles]]
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