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#RIDREJTO [[Stampa:Dokumentacioni]]
----<!-- the documentation below might be derived from [[Template:Template documentation]] --><noinclude>
; Use and syntax<nowiki>:</nowiki>
To document a template, copy, paste and adapt this code below at end of a template source (i.e. just before its last existing newline, and without any unneeded newline or blank addition before or after this code):
{{Template documentation}}
; Use&lt;nowiki&gt;:&lt;/nowiki&gt;
Indicate the purpose of this template and when to use it.
; Syntax&lt;nowiki&gt;:&lt;/nowiki&gt;
: &lt;tt&gt;&lt;nowiki&gt;{{&lt;/nowiki&gt;{{PAGENAME}}&lt;/tt&gt;
: &lt;tt&gt;|&lt;/tt&gt;''value1''&lt;tt&gt;|&lt;/tt&gt;''value2''&lt;tt&gt;|&lt;/tt&gt;''etc.''&lt;tt&gt;|
: &lt;tt&gt;parameterA=&lt;/tt&gt;''valueA''&lt;tt&gt;|&lt;/tt&gt;
: &lt;tt&gt;parameterB=&lt;/tt&gt;''valueB''&lt;tt&gt;|&lt;/tt&gt;
: &lt;tt&gt;etc.|&lt;/tt&gt;
: &lt;tt&gt;&lt;nowiki&gt;}}&lt;/nowiki&gt;&lt;/tt&gt;
&lt;!-- describe each parameter, and whever they are required or optional, and if they have a default value:
(positional numbered parameters should be mandatory, optional parameters should not be positional)
* ''value1''&amp;nbsp;= description1.
* ''value2''&amp;nbsp;= description2.
* ''etc.''
* &lt;tt&gt;parameterA&lt;/tt&gt;&amp;nbsp;= descriptionA ''(required)''.
* &lt;tt&gt;parameterB&lt;/tt&gt;&amp;nbsp;= descriptionB ''(optionnal, by default&amp;nbsp;= default2)''.
* etc.
&lt;!-- Indicate the name of templates that are variants of this template with different behavior:
; Variants&lt;nowiki&gt;:&lt;/nowiki&gt;
* [[Template:Name of template variant]]
&lt;!-- Indicate related articles or templates that use this template:
; See also&lt;nowiki&gt;:&lt;/nowiki&gt;
* [[Article|Article name]]
&lt;!-- Please locate a better category for this template --&gt;
[[Category:Uncategorized templates|<nowiki>{{</nowiki>subst:PAGENAME<nowiki>}}</nowiki>]]
&lt;!-- Locate the equivalent templates in other wiki projects, and specify their names:
[[de:Vorlage:Name of equivalent German template]]
[[es:Plantilla:Name of equivalent Spanish template]]
[[fr:Modèle:Name of equivalent French template]]
[[it:Template:Name of equivalent Italian template]]
[[ja:Template:Name of equivalent Japanese template]]
[[nl:Sjabloon:Name of equivalent Dutch template]]
[[pl:Szablon:Name of equivalent Polish template]]
[[pt:Predefinição:Name of equivalent Portuguese template]]
[[sv:Mall:Name of equivalent Swedish template]]
; Note<nowiki>:</nowiki>
: This template is intended for inclusion within templates themselves. It should provide only the basic documentation to use the template and see a limited number of examples. There’s another template for adding more complete documentation within the talk page of your templates, with special cases, warnings, and related information.
; See also<nowiki>:</nowiki>
* {{Lts}}
* {{Lts|doctl}}
* {{Ltsmeta|doctl}}
* [[m:Help:Template documentation]]
[[Category:Template templates|Template documentation]]
[[fr:Modèle:Documentation modèle]]