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The article "Origjina e Allahut" exposed the ORIGIN of the word Allah and the conception of the deity of Allah. CLEARLY, you are ashamed of the truth of the ORIGIN of Allah or else you would not have deleted the articel TWICE already.
''Hi please do the honourable thing and cancel your deletion of the page "Origjina e Allahut". I would not like to repeat myself''. {my initial request}
* sorry to have taken some more. rreguul title is not. There could be written about the origins of Allah, may Allah Emir ot, but any wise to the origins of Allah.
But only if it changes the title to: Origjina e emrit Allah Ok ?--[[Përdoruesi:Planeti|Planeti]] ([[Përdoruesi diskutim:Planeti|diskutimet]]) 1 korrik 2013 22:39 (CEST)
Ok ?--[[Përdoruesi:Planeti|Planeti]] ([[Përdoruesi diskutim:Planeti|diskutimet]]) 1 korrik 2013 22:39 (CEST)
Origin of the Origin of Islam or Allah?--[[Përdoruesi:Planeti|Planeti]] ([[Përdoruesi diskutim:Planeti|diskutimet]]) 2 korrik 2013 00:14 (CEST)
** What the hell? No it's not ok. Listen to me very carefully. You do not get to decide what other people may write about. This is not kosovo for you. Here people should be allowed to express themselves freely. So, wait...the article "Allahu" is alright, but an article titled "Origjina e Allahut" is not? That is ridiculous. That does not make any sense. I have read the article titled "Allahu", it is actually ''not encyclopedia material'' because it is obviously biased; any one reading it can tell. Moreover, it is a closed site, so no one can make any correction on it. As long as Wikipedia Albania has people like you as Administrators, it will be untrustworthy and unworthy of people improving it or reading it. I just found out that you are an Administrator. You are a disgrace. Go create on your own Kosovo site and administer there. I for one, don't welcome you here. You don't even speak proper Albanian (nor English).
My page on "Origjina e Allahut''" had more citations then sentences! You are so apparently biased; it's is ridiculous.
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