Ndryshimi mes inspektimeve të "Përdoruesi diskutim:Planeti"

==The user 'Planeti' deleted the article "Origjina e Allahut" ''twice'' already under false pretexts.==
'''From Vertetator''': I know you deleted the article "Origjina e Allahut". Why did you delete it? Biased much, kosovar? How dare you delete a page that exposes the origin of Islam. Are you afraid of the truth? I cited all my sources. Do not dare to delete it again, or else I WILLwill REPORTreport YOUyou TOto WIKIPEDIAWikipedia! I have your IP address Kosovar MULSIM. By the way, you don't deserve my talking to you in Albanian. You are foreigner to me.
The article "Origjina e Allahut" exposed the ORIGIN of the word Allah and ''the conception of the deity of Allah''. CLEARLY, you are ashamed of the truth of the ORIGIN of Allah or else you would not have deleted the articel TWICE already.
Anonymous user