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George Bernard Shaw Timeline
(Dan H. Laurence/Shaw Collection)
(George Bernard Shaw Timeline)
* [http://search.nobelprize.org/search/nobel/?q=George+Bernard+Shaw&i=en&x=0&y=0 ''The Nobel Prize Biography on Shaw''], From Nobel Lectures, Literature 1901–1967, Editor Horst Frenz, Elsevier Publishing Company, Amsterdam, (1969).
* [http://www.lib.uoguelph.ca/resources/archival_&_special_collections/the_collections/dan_laurence_collection.cfm Dan H. Laurence/Shaw Collection] in the [[University of Guelph]] Library, Archival and Special Collections, holds more than 3,000 items related to his writings and career
** [http://www.thebestquestion.com/georgebernardshaw.htm George Bernard Shaw Timeline]
* [http://www.gutenberg.net/author/Shaw,%20George%20Bernard Projekt Gutenberg ''online'' vepra]