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With thanks, [[m:User:I JethroBT (WMF)|I JethroBT (WMF)]] 31 mars 2016 17:47 (CEST)
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== Copyright violations ==
<small>ping: [[User:Liridon|Liridon]], [[User:Olsi|Olsi]], [[User:Ammartivari|Ammartivari]], [[User:Planeti|Planeti]]</small>
Dear community of sq.wikipedia, please notice user [[Speciale:Kontributet/|]]. I allready had found some contributions that were copied from elsewhere and the user got blocked by one of sq.wiki administrators. (see for e.g. [[Përdoruesi:Ah3kal/Local]]). The same thing happend and in sq.wikibooks (see [[b:Përdoruesi:Ah3kal/Local]]). His/hers contributions need checking. Regards --[[Përdoruesi:Ah3kal|Ah3kal]] ([[Përdoruesi diskutim:Ah3kal|diskutimet]]) 1 prill 2016 11:42 (CEST)