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:@[[Përdoruesi:Makolli86|Makolli86]] Hi, what do you exactly want to improve to that article? I mean, do you need extra information about biography, more references or anything else like that? [[Përdoruesi:Ktrimi991|Ktrimi991]] ([[Përdoruesi diskutim:Ktrimi991|diskutimet]]) 1 qershor 2016 21:29 (CEST)
::@[[Përdoruesi:Ktrimi991|Ktrimi991]] Thanks for replying. I would like to add two pictures in Wikipedia of Ismet, which are found on these two articles: thhttp://gazetadielli.com/ismet-asllani-heroi-qe-nderoi-kosoven/ (Ismet Asllani) & http://botasot.info/lajme/529157/17-vite-me-pare-u-vra-luftetari-ismet-asllani/ (Ismet and his two brothers, Muharrem and Nazim Asllani, who also got killed by the Serbs during the war).
These two pictures belong to the family Asllani. The newspapers have got the permission from the family Asllani to use them on their articles. I have got green light to do the same.
Due to this, I have previously added the pictures in Wikipedia but some authors here in Wikipedia have removed them.
Moreover, I would like other authors here in Wikipedia to find more information about Ismet Asllani and further improve this article. Yes, writing more about his biography. The articles I have found writes much more about Ismet Asllani. And I believe there are also other articles and maybe books writing about this amazing human being. [[Përdoruesi:Makolli86|Makolli86]] ([[Përdoruesi diskutim:Makolli86|diskutimet]]) 4 qershor 2016 20:20 (CEST)
== Ismet Asllani ==