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::These two pictures belong to the family Asllani. The newspapers have got the permission from the family Asllani to use them on their articles. I have got green light to do the same.
::Due to this, I have previously added the pictures in Wikipedia but some authors here in Wikipedia have removed them.
::Moreover, I would like other authors here in Wikipedia to find more information about Ismet Asllani and further improve this article. Yes, writing more about his biography. The articles I have found writes much more about Ismet Asllani. And I believe there are also other articles and maybe books writing about this amazing human being. [[Përdoruesi:Makolli86|Makolli86]] ([[Përdoruesi diskutim:Makolli86|diskutimet]]) 4 qershor 2016 20:20 (CEST)
:::@[[Përdoruesi:Makolli86|Makolli86]] Have you contacted the Asllani family? If yes, it is easy to upload that photo again, if you haven't then we have to solve this problem in another way. [[Përdoruesi:Ktrimi991|Ktrimi991]] ([[Përdoruesi diskutim:Ktrimi991|diskutimet]]) 4 qershor 2016 23:04 (CEST)