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[[File:Prishtina maj 2005.jpg|thumb|Prishtina maj 2005]]
'''Prishtina''' is the capital and the largest city of [[Kosovo]], it and its suburbs have a total population of over 400,000. It is the administrative, economical, and cultural center of [[Kosovo]].
Southeast of the city, the remains of [[Ulpiana]] were discovered, the center of the [[Illyrian]] province of [[Dardania]]. [[Ulpiana]] was founded in the 2nd century during the rule of [[Trajan|Emperor Trajan]], and renewed in the 6th century during the rule of Justinian, after whom it was called [[Ulpiana|Iustinana Secunda]].<ref>{{cito uebin|title=Prishtina|url=[1] http://www.albanian.com/main/countries/kosova/prishtin/index.html|website=albanian.com|publisher=albanian.com|accessdate=11 February 2017}}</ref> According to inscriptions on the monuments from Ulpiana, it is apparent that it was one of the most beautiful cities of the Illyrian [[Dardania]], as it was often reffered to as [[Ulpiana]] Splendissima. A number of articles were discovered here such as coins, ceramics, weapons, jewlery, all of which are exhibited at the [[Museum of History of Kosovo]] in [[Prishtina]].
After the incursions of Slavs and barbarians during the early Middle Ages, the destroyed town of [[Ulpiana]] was abandoned, creating the locality for the new town of Prishtina.
During Serbian rule, Prishtina was a major political center. Near Prishtina is the site of the [[Battle of Kosovo]] (1389), in which a Balkan alliance, led by Serbian Prince Lazar, fought against the Ottoman army. The battle marked the beginning of Ottoman rule of the region.
[[File:Ulpiana 15 tetor.jpg|thumb|Ulpiana 15 tetor]]
==Ottoman Rule==