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::::::Thank you, it's nice to see the coats of arms, it looks less stub. Another little problem: the time zone. On the cantons, I was able to change the time zones from the overseas territories (it was +1 like in Mainland) but, on the communes, I don't see where to change it. Also, I saw you put maps from the islands )). But, when I added the coordonates, the (useless) French map appeared also, is it a way to avoid it in this case (like saying no standard map when the coordonates are out of the map)? Look at [[Baie-Mahault]]. Thank you again for all the improvements you do. [[Përdoruesi:Birdie|Birdie]] ([[Përdoruesi diskutim:Birdie|diskutimet]]) 6 shkurt 2017 23:47 (CET)
:::::::Bonsoir Liridon. As I work on the cantons to have more blue links on the communes' pages, I found there were two pages for just one canton: [[Bellevue (Brest)]] and [[Kantoni Brest-Bellevue]]. Could you erase [[Bellevue (Brest)]] that doesn't follow the "kantoni... " pattern and eventually add the history to [[Kantoni Brest-Bellevue]] so the contributions wouldn't vanish? Have a nice evening. [[Përdoruesi:Birdie|Birdie]] ([[Përdoruesi diskutim:Birdie|diskutimet]]) 9 shkurt 2017 17:30 (CET)
::::::::Hello Liridon. As I had filled all the cantons' pages from the Qarku Yssingeaux, I created the page of the arrondissement. Can you please check the writing (I must have done mistakes). I didn't create the category page as you'll see as it's worthless to create a category with a wrong writing. The page is there : [[Qarku Yssingeaux]]. Thank you for your corrections, it'll make me able to create others following your edited page when I'll have finished all the cantons from other arrondissements. Have a nice day. [[Përdoruesi:Birdie|Birdie]] ([[Përdoruesi diskutim:Birdie|diskutimet]]) 16 shkurt 2017 14:26 (CET)