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:::{{ping|Tiimiii}} well that sounds like a lot of work haha-- bravo. There was some button to automate it and then you can edit the automated translation... I can't find it :(. --[[Përdoruesi:Calthinus|Calthinus]] ([[Përdoruesi diskutim:Calthinus|diskutimet]]) 26 nëntor 2017 19:18 (CET)
::::Hei {{ping|Calthinus}} how are you? Forgive me that I did not return the message.I have not seen.Jeep there is a button,click on "contributions" and you will see 3 subpage: "New page", "Upload the media" and "Translation". Click in translation and here it is. --[[Përdoruesi:Tiimiii|Tiimiii]] ([[Përdoruesi diskutim:Tiimiii|diskutimet]]) 10 Dhjetor 2017 05:10 (CEST)}}
:::::sweet-- thanks {{u|Tiimiii}} ! I'm a bit busy dealing with some stuff for English wiki right now, but one day perhaps this summer I will be moving to Sq-wiki and working on linguistics stuff to improve the coverage here sporadically. By the way do you have any interest in Albanian historical phonology? It's a side passion of mine, and in particular right now I was wondering if you had access to the sources of Totoni and Gjinari with relationship to the peculiar Gheg-like nasalization in teh Lab dialects of the Himara, Kurvelesh and Lukova regions. Thanks! --[[Përdoruesi:Calthinus|Calthinus]] ([[Përdoruesi diskutim:Calthinus|diskutimet]]) 10 dhjetor 2017 20:39 (CET)