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→‎Ismail Kadare: ping to admin
(→‎Ismail Kadare: ping to admin)
:::That sock is abusing his editor privileges and the fact that no administrators are online so he's going bersek. He's removing all my references with excuses like "WP:Banrevert" which is ironic as he's the sock. He's also insulting me and accusing me of being a sock. A couple of other users have rv his vandalism too [https://sq.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ismail_Kadare&diff=1906082&oldid=1906081 See this] but he isn't stoping. 20 of his socks have been confirmed and blocked to date. Regards--[[Speciale:Kontributet/|]] 4 nëntor 2018 16:51 (CET)
::::{{ping|Liridon}} Can you please have a look here? Until then I think you guys need to stop edit warring. [[Përdoruesi:1997kB|1997kB]] ([[Përdoruesi diskutim:1997kB|diskutimet]]) 4 nëntor 2018 17:05 (CET)