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(Faqe e re: {{F1 garimi| Country = Malajzia| Grand Prix = Malajzia| Image = Circuit Sepang.png|220px| Caption = The Sepang Circuit| Date = 8 Prill| Year = 200...)
Distance_mi = 189.056 |
Distance_km = 304.256 |
Weather = Me DellDiell|
Pole_Driver = [[Felipe Massa|Felipe Massa]]|
Pole_Team = [[Scuderia Ferrari|Ferrari]]|
Pole_Time = 1:35.043|
Fast_Team = [[McLaren|McLaren Mercedes]]|
Fast_Time = 1:36.701|
Fast_Lap = 22 xhiro|
Fast_Country = England|
First_Driver = [[Fernando Alonso]]|
{{inuse|[[Përdoruesi:Puntori|Puntori]] 10 Prill 2007 15:14 (UTC)}}
The '''2007 Malaysian Grand Prix''' was a [[Formula One]] motor race held on 8th April, 2007 at the [[Sepang International Circuit]]. It was the 2nd race of the [[2007 Formula One season]].
[[Figura:F1 template.gif|left|50px]] '''F1 Malajzia''' për vitin 2007 ishte [[Formula 1]] gara e dytë për këtë kampionat e mbajtur më [[8 prill]], [[2007]] në qarkun [[Sepang International Circuit]].
== Report ==
=== Pre-Race ===
When the [[Formula One]] teams arrived in Malaysia, the Customer Car row quickly flared up again, with [[Spyker F1|Spyker]] putting in a protest against [[Scuderia Toro Rosso]]<ref name="Spyker lodges protest against STR">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38841 "Spyker lodges protest against STR"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 5 April 2007</ref>. The Malaysian stewards rejected their protest, stating that it fell "outside their jurisdiction".<ref name="Stewards reject Spyker protest">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38854 "Stewards reject Spyker protest"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 6 April 2007</ref>.
=== Kualifikimi ===
The [[Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile|FIA]] also introduced stringent tests on the cars as teams were trying to gain an aerodynamic advantage, with some people trying to claim that [[Scuderia Ferrari|Ferrari]]'s car was illegal in [[2007 Australian Grand Prix|Melbourne]]. Ferrari duo [[Felipe Massa]] and [[Kimi Räikkönen]] said the performance [[Ferrari F2007|F2007]] would not be compromised in any way.<ref name="Ferrari duo not worried about floor test">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38847 "Ferrari duo not worried about floor test"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 6 April 2007</ref>.
;Pjesa e parë kualifikuese
[[Felipe Massa]] set the pace in the first of two 90 minute practice sessions on Friday, with a time of 1:34.972, edging out [[Fernando Alonso]] in the [[McLaren]] by three tenths of a second. Alonso's team-mate, [[Lewis Hamilton]] was 3rd, with [[Scuderia Ferrari|Ferrari]]'s [[Kimi Räikkönen]] just behind in fourth. [[Nico Rosberg]], [[Mark Webber]], [[Jarno Trulli]], [[Kazuki Nakajima]], [[Ralf Schumacher]] and [[Robert Kubica]] rounded out the top ten. However, it was a bad morning for [[Renault F1|Renault]], with [[Heikki Kovalainen]] 14th and [[Giancarlo Fisichella]] 15th. The [[Honda F1|Hondas]] had a very bad morning, also with their cars languishing down in 19th and 20th.<ref name="Practice 1: First blood to Massa">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38853 "Practice 1: First blood to Massa"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 6 April 2007</ref>.
;Pjesa e dytë kualifikuese
The Hondas still struggled in the 2nd practice session on Friday with [[Rubens Barrichello|Barrichello]] calling it extremely frustrating<ref name="Honda troubles frustrate drivers">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38855 "Honda troubles frustrate drivers"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 6 April 2007</ref>, as they also were beaten by [[Super Aguri F1|Super Aguri]]'s [[Takuma Sato]]. However, Renault improved dramatically, with Fisichella second and Kovalainen third. But Massa was unstoppable, and set the pace again in the Ferrari. Räikkönen was again fourth, but the McLarens were down in 9th and 12th<ref name="Massa dominates Malaysian heat">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38855 "Massa dominates Malaysian heat"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 6 April 2007</ref>. However, McLaren boss [[Ron Dennis]] played down the slow times, saying they were concentrating on "tyre evaluation"<ref name="McLaren plays down slow times">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38867 "McLaren plays down slow times"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 6 April 2007</ref>.
;Pjesa e tretë kualifikuese
In the final practice session on Saturday morning however, Massa and Ferrari were knocked off top spot, as Hamilton set the fastest time in the [[McLaren]] with a lap of 1:34.811, just one tenth ahead of the Ferrari. World Champion Alonso followed the leading two, but five tenths off Massa. Kubica completed the leading quartet and [[Anthony Davidson]] did a stunning job for Super Aguri, finishing the practice session in 8th, just 1.3 seconds down on the leaders, and well ahead of the Honda A-team who were still near the bottom of the pack, in 17th and 19th place, only to be split by [[Heikki Kovalainen|Kovalainen]]<ref name="Hamilton on top in final pracrice">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38871 "Hamilton on top in final practice"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 7 April 2007</ref>.
=== QualifyingGara ===
==== Part 1 ====
Honda's misery continued as [[Rubens Barrichello]] was knocked out of part 1 and ended up 19th. [[Alexander Wurz]] was one place behind the Brazilian, as he endured gear-selection problems in his [[WilliamsF1|Williams]]<ref name="Rosberg delighted with P6">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38885 "Rosberg delighted with P6"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 7 April 2007</ref>. [[Scott Speed]] in the [[Scuderia Toro Rosso|Toro Rosso]] missed the cut with 17th spot, but team-mate [[Vitantonio Liuzzi|Tonio Liuzzi]] made it through to Part 2. [[Anthony Davidson]] in the Super Aguri also failed to make the cut with 18th, and laid the blame completely with Liuzzi, saying that he was "pretty aware I was behind him"<ref name="Davo: Liuzzi ruined my quali chances">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38883 "Davi: Liuzzi runied my quali chances"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 7 April 2007</ref>. The Spykers rounded off the back row, with their technical director [[Mike Gascoyne]] saying they "made a mistake" in missing the test at [[Sepang International Circuit|Sepang]] a week earlier<ref name="Struggling Spyker rues missing test">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38884 "Struggling Spyker rues missing test"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 7 April 2007</ref>.
== Rezultatet e kualifikimit ==
At the front, the [[McLaren]]s were one-two, with the Ferraris third and fifth, only to be split by [[Robert Kubica]]'s [[BMW Sauber]].
==== Part 2 ====
The threat of rain appeared and everyone went out at the start of the 15-minute session to post a quick lap. The rain never materialised, though. The McLarens, Ferraris and BMWs completed the top-six, but the [[Renault F1|Renault]]s were the shock as both [[Giancarlo Fisichella|Fisichella]] and Kovalainen were knocked out, with [[Pat Symonds]] later stating that they "didn't maximise our chances"<ref name="Renault admits to underperformance">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38881 "Renault admits to underperformance"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 7 April 2007</ref>. Hondas misery was also compounded as [[Jenson Button]] was knocked out, saying it was the "maximum we could possibly get"<ref name="Button: Fifteenth was maximum result">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38882 "Button: Fifteenth was maximum result"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 7 April 2007</ref>, along with [[David Coulthard|Coulthard]], Liuzzi and Sato. However, it was revealed after qualifying that Coulthard had changes engines before qualifying, along with [[Rubens Barrichello]], and therefore both got a 10-place grid penalty. Closer examination revealed that Coulthard changed his engine before the start of the race weekend, preventing his 10 place-drop.<ref name="Engine penalties for DC, Barrichello">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38892 "Engine penalties for DC, Barrichello"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 7 April 2007</ref>.
==== Part 3 ====
In the final part of qualifying, Massa snatched pole from Alonso in the dying seconds as rain began to fall, with [[Kimi Räikkönen]] completing the top three. [[Lewis Hamilton]] was fourth, over half a second behind the leading three, blaming the lack of pace on a rookie error made at the end of the session, saying that there were "some spots of rain on my visor, so I had to sort of let off"<ref name="Lewis blames pace on rookie error">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38876 "Lewis blames pace on rookie error"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 7 April 2007</ref>. The [[BMW Sauber|BMWs]] were 5th and 7th, only to be split by [[Nico Rosberg]] in the Williams, who was delighted with his performance<ref name="Rosberg delighted with P6">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38885 "Rosberg delighted with P6"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 7 April 2007</ref>. The [[Toyota F1|Toyota]]s of [[Jarno Trulli]] and [[Ralf Schumacher]], along with [[Red Bull Racing|Red Bull]]'s [[Mark Webber]] rounded out the top 10.
At the start, Alonso took the lead from Massa and Hamilton went round the outside of Massa into turn two and was up to second. [[Adrian Sutil]]'s suspension failed at turn four<ref name="Spyker disappointed with early exit">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38906 "Spyker disappointed with early exit"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 8 April 2007</ref> and hit Button. Sutil was out but Button continued. Liuzzi and Sato also collided at turn four, with Sato carrying on and Liuzzi having to pit for a new front wing. Afterwards, they seemed to both point their finger at each other, with none of them laying the blame on themselves<ref name="Liuzzi and Sato blame each other">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38907 "Liuzzi and Sato blame each other"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 8 April 2007</ref>.
Massa tried several times to get past Hamilton, but ran very wide into turn four and into the gravel. He dropped to fifth, behind team-mate Raikkonen and [[BMW Sauber|BMW's]] [[Nick Heidfeld]]. After starting fifteenth, Button quickly found himself being dropped, and was overtaken for 17th place by team-mate Barrichello, who started from pitlane after the engine change. By lap 7, Alonso was 8.1 seconds ahead of Hamilton.
The Renaults had a good start and by lap eight they were running in 8th and 10th, with [[Giancarlo Fisichella|Fisichella]] ahead of Kovalainen. The [[Spyker F1|Spyker]] team's weekend got worse as [[Christijan Albers]] retired on lap 9 with a gearbox-fire<ref name="Spyker disappointed with early exit">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38906 "Spyker disappointed with early exit"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 8 April 2007</ref>.
On lap 12, [[Robert Kubica]] was the first man to pit, however he reported [[traction control]] problems four laps later and dropped down the order. Button's weekend got worse, as [[Takuma Sato]] passed the Briton. Despite the problems Button said he believes the team made "a small step forward"<ref name="Button: Race a 'small step forward'">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38905 "Button: Race a 'small step forward"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 8 April 2007</ref>.
[[Fernando Alonso|Alonso]] started developing radio problems just before the 1st round of pitstops, but these were fixed during his stop. The top five remained in the same positions after the pitstops, with Alonso leading Hamilton, Raikkonen, Heidfeld and Massa. Hamilton began to close at a second a lap and set the fastest lap on lap 22 with a time of 1:36.701.
Kubica dropped to thirteenth as his traction control problem got worse, and a train of cars developed behind him. Kovalainen's performance was much better than in [[2007 Australian Grand Prix|Melbourne]], and he hussled [[Jarno Trulli]] for 8th.
The top five again remained the same after the 2nd round of stops. [[Nico Rosberg]], who was in 6th place, retired with engine problems and was extremely frustrated afterwards<ref name="Rosberg frustrated by retirement">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38895 "Rosberg frustrated by retirement"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 8 April 2007</ref>. [[David Coulthard]] also retired after problems with his brake pedal, the same problem that he experienced in the Friday practice session<ref name="Glitches return to end DC's hopes">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38901 "Glitches return to end DC's hopes"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 8 April 2007</ref>. Hamilton started to struggle in the latter stages and Räikkönen began to catch him.
In the end though, Alonso won comfortably from team-mate Hamilton, who was barely a second ahead of Räikkönen, with Heidfeld and Massa some fifteen seconds up the road. Heidfeld said later "this is a fantastic experience (to beat Massa)"<ref name="Heidfeld thrilled to beat Massa">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38903 "Heidfeld thrilled to beat Massa"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 8 April 2007</ref>. Fisichella finished sixth (he later said it felt like a podium given the performance of the car)<ref name="Fisi: Sixth feels like a podium">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38897 "Fisi: Sixth feels like a podium"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 8 April 2007</ref>, Trulli was 7th, and rookie Kovalainen scored his first points in 8th. Wurz managed to come through from 19th to 9th, and although he claimed no points, said later it "bodes well for [[WilliamsF1|Williams's]] chances in the rest of the season"<ref name="Wurz confident after 'fun' race">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38900 "Wurz confident after 'fun' race"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 8 April 2007</ref>.
Hamilton admitted afterwards that this was his hardest race<ref name="Lewis: That was my hardest race">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38897 "Lewis: That was my hardest race"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 8 April 2007</ref>, while Räikkönen admitted he "did not have enough speed on the straightline to try to challenge either of them (Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa)"<ref name="Räikkönen hints at engine worries">''[http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?PO_ID=38898 "Raikkonen hints at engine worries"]'' ITV-F1. Retrieved 8 April 2007</ref>.
{| class="wikitable" style="font-size: 95%"
! align="center" colspan="7" |KUALIFIKIMET
! Pos !! Name !! Team/Engine !! Part 1 !! Part 2 !! Part 3
! Pozita
! Piloti
! Ekipi
! Pjesa e parë
! Pjesa e dytë
! Pjesa e tretë
|{{flagicon|United KingdomEngland}} [[Lewis Hamilton]]
|{{flagicon|United KingdomEngland}} [[David Coulthard]]
|[[Red Bull Racing|Red Bull]]-[[Renault F1|Renault]]
|{{flagicon|United KingdomEngland}} [[Jenson Button]]
|[[Honda Racing F1|Honda]]
|{{flagicon|United KingdomEngland}} [[Anthony Davidson]]
|[[Super Aguri F1|Super Aguri]]-[[Honda Racing F1|Honda]]
|{{flagicon|the Netherlands}} [[Christijan Albers]]
|[[Spyker F1|Spyker]]-[[Scuderia Ferrari|Ferrari]]
=== RaceRezultatet e garës ===
{|class="wikitable" style="font-size: 95%"
! PosPozita !! NoNumri !! DriverPiloti !! TeamEkipi !! LapXhiro !! TimeKoha/RetiredDalja !! GridLëvizje !! PointsPikë
! 1
! 2
| 2 || {{flagicon|United KingdomEngland}} '''[[Lewis Hamilton]]''' || '''[[Team McLaren|McLaren]]-[[Mercedes-Benz|Mercedes]]'''
| 56
| +17.557
| 8 || {{flagicon|Brazil}} [[Rubens Barrichello]] || [[Honda Racing F1|Honda]]
| 55
| +1 lapxhiro
| 22
! 12
| 7 || {{flagicon|United KingdomEngland}} [[Jenson Button]] || [[Honda Racing F1|Honda]]
| 55
| +1 lapxhiro
| 15
| 22 || {{flagicon|Japan}} [[Takuma Sato]] || [[Super Aguri F1|Super Aguri]]-[[Honda Racing F1|Honda]]
| 55
| +1 lapxhiro
| 14
! 14
| 19 || {{flagicon|United StatesUSA}} [[Scott Speed]] || [[Scuderia Toro Rosso|STR-Ferrari]]
| 55
| +1 lapxhiro
| 17
| 11 || {{flagicon|Germany}} [[Ralf Schumacher]] || [[Toyota F1|Toyota]]
| 55
| +1 lapxhiro
| 9
! 16
| 23 || {{flagicon|UKEngland}} [[Anthony Davidson]] || [[Super Aguri F1|Super Aguri]]-[[Honda Racing F1|Honda]]
| 55
| +1 lapxhiro
| 18
| 18 || {{flagicon|Italy}} [[Vitantonio Liuzzi]] || [[Scuderia Toro Rosso|STR]]-[[Scuderia Ferrari|Ferrari]]
| 55
| +1 lapxhiro
| 16
| 10 || {{flagicon|Poland}} [[Robert Kubica]] || [[BMW Sauber]]
| 55
| +1 lapxhiro
| 7
!colspan=8|Pilotët që nuk mbaruan garë
! Ret
| 6 || {{flagicon|Germany}} [[Nico Rosberg]] || [[WilliamsF1|Williams]]-[[Toyota F1|Toyota]]
| 42
| Hydraulics
| 6
! Ret
| 10 || {{flagicon|UKEngland}} [[David Coulthard]] || [[Red Bull Racing|Red Bull]]-[[Renault F1|Renault]]
| 36
| Brakes
| 13
! Ret
| 21 || {{flagicon|the Netherlands}} [[Christijan Albers]] || [[Spyker F1|Spyker]]-[[Scuderia Ferrari|Ferrari]]
| 7
| Engine
| 20
| 20 || {{flagicon|Germany}} [[Adrian Sutil]] || [[Spyker F1|Spyker]]-[[Scuderia Ferrari|Ferrari]]
| 0
| Collision
| 21
==== NotesShtesë ====
* '''FastestXhiro Lapmë e shpejtë:''' Lewis Hamilton, 1:36.701 (Lap 22Xhiro22)
== Lidhje të jashtme ==
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