Ndryshimi mes inspektimeve të "Përdoruesi diskutim:Kevjassintkevin"

== Spreading misquoted information ==
Actually, you should really check yourthe facts and give up on your attempt to damage this person's reputation.
Your reasoning for the revision of October 16 is "deklaratat jane bere nga Godole ne studio ku sugjeron se ka specialiste qe mund te merren me kurimin e LGBT" – That is a Lie! You can prove it yourself by watching the video starting 20:25, and you'll see the person making that very arguable assumption is the man standing beside her, not Godole which you appear to quote.
Maybe you really haven't watched the video at all and have read sources like (http://www.standard.al/2018/03/27/lgbt-vazhdon-te-ndeze-debat-mertiri-e-godole-karajt-konsiderohet-semundje/) which are mixing Godole with what Mertiri is saying.