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:There are actually two titles for this film in Albanian. One is Dhelpra dhe qeni (not spelled with a capital Q I don't think), and the other is Dhelpra dhe zagari. The latter has more results on Google. I also found [https://albaniandubs.weebly.com/dhelpra-dhe-langoi-2.html this] which says that Dhelpra dhe langoi 2 is the name for ''The Fox and the Hound 2'', a followup to this film. However, Google doesn't show results for Dhelpra dhe langoi 2 that are relevant besides that one site. Anyway, should this article be back to the original title ([[The Fox and the Hound]])? The original title was used for example on [[Beauty and the Beast (1991)]] and [[Beauty and the Beast (2017)]]. [[Speciale:Kontributet/2600:1700:53F0:AD70:21F1:6915:42B6:9D7|2600:1700:53F0:AD70:21F1:6915:42B6:9D7]] 23 qershor 2020 05:08 (CEST)
== Film summary (for anyone to translate if possible) ==
I have seen this film, and it is a great Disney animated classic. Here is a summary of the plot:
The film opens with a mother fox being shot by a hunter. The mother fox had a baby who she left in the grass by a fence post. The baby fox is adopted by Widow Tweed, who names him Tod because he resembles a toddler. Her neighbor, a hunter named Amos Slade, owns a hound dog named Chief. He has just bought a new hound puppy named Copper. Soon enough, Tod the fox and Copper the hound meet and become best friends. But later, Copper leaves with Chief and Amos Slade to go on a hunting trip, and when Copper returns, Tod will be his enemy now. But despite this, Tod tries to see if they are still friends. Copper still values Tod as a friend, but does not want to have to kill him and warns him to stay away for his own good. However, Chief wakes up and chases Tod. This results in Chief getting hit by a train, and Tod is blamed for the accident. As a result, Widow Tweed has to release Tod into a game preserve. There, Tod meets a female fox named Vixey, and they quickly fall in love. Both foxes are later hunted by Copper and Amos Slade. During the hunt, they are attacked by a bear. Tod is able to save Copper from said bear and Copper finally forgives Tod because of this. Amos Slade spares Tod and in the end, they still value their friendship despite knowing that they can no longer be together anymore.
Can anyone translate this into Albanian? [[Speciale:Kontributet/2600:1700:53F0:AD70:4C02:6726:7C7D:2114|2600:1700:53F0:AD70:4C02:6726:7C7D:2114]] 23 qershor 2020 23:20 (CEST)