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During Serbian rule, Prishtina was a major political center. Near Prishtina is the site of the Battle of Kosovo (1389), in which a Balkan alliance, led by Serbian Prince Lazar, fought against the Ottoman army. The battle marked the beginning of Ottoman rule of the region.
=== Ottoman Rule ===
Prishtina developed in the 14th and 15th century as a mining and trading center of the Novoberde and the Mount Kopaonik (Albanik) mining industry. During the Ottoman rule in the region, it was an important administrative center, seat of the ruling Pasha, and for a while it was the center of the Kosovo Vilayet.
During World War II, Prishtina (with around 16,000 inhabitants), was included in the zone occupied by Italians, and was the center of the prefecture with the same name Historical monuments near Prishtina include the Gracanica Monastery, built in 1321 on the basis of an older church, and the Mausoleum of Sultan Murat, reconstructed in 1850 by Hurshid Pasha.
==== Administrative Division ====
Prishtina today has the following neighborhoods:
==== Prishtina today has the following neighborhoods: ====
* Dardania
* Arbëria
* Ulpiana
===== Mayors of Prishtina =====
# Isa Mustafa
# Ismet Beqiri