Ndryshimi mes inspektimeve të "Diskutim:Kosova"

::Wikipedia is not the place for censorship! I find it quite strange when instead of proving your opinion by means of grounded arguments you prefer to hide the discussion and block users! Look at English version of this article, it is close to impartial. And no one hides its discussion or blocks users! Why could not you do so!? Moreover, this guy, [[Përdoruesi diskutim:Dan|Hipi Zhdripi]], aroses a great suspicion. He writes strange comments in Albanian (I am not sure whether they are polite enough) and does not want to render them into English when I ask him... — [[Përdoruesi:Whiteroll|Whiteroll]] 15 Shkurt 2009 17:50 (EET)
:::I just couln't help writing here. So, this goes to User Whiteroll. Not that you clearly show you are partial (and you are 18 years old) you only have three month on wikipedia in english and you came around here and want to make some trouble. Rookie boy Wikipedia is '''bigger than everything''' and you can go ahead and work, edit and contribute instead of starting fires for nothing.--[[Përdoruesi:Zeke|Zeke]] 15 Shkurt 2009 17:31 (CET)
==qka ka ndodh krejt teksti npjesen e djatht ?==