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Essay about financial crisis in my country
(lutjet e mbremjes-anton pashku)
(Essay about financial crisis in my country)
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Essay about financial crisis in my country
Financial system of Kosovo is not affected by the global financial crisis, however our country is being faced with significant challenges. Between these challenges are worth to mention some of them because since the entire globe is facing with the financial crisis, Kosovo has not approved yet the law on protection of deposits and the fact that Kosovo does not have yet its national currency.
The fact that we use Euro as a valute is one of the factors that made us feel as a part of Europe but also considering the another fact that financial sector in Kosovo is limited to exposure on global markets and this might be a reason why our country is not affected by the crisis.
Kosovo during the global financial crisis basing on the parameters until now it is not being affected by financial crisis, but it is premeditated that in the next months, Kosovo will be affected by the financial crisis, because its remittances that are a result of revenue in our country by the migrants who works abroad the country in different countries of the world, so remittances will be those which will influence that Kosovo will be affected by the financial crisis.
Considering the fact that the financial global crisis is affecting almost the most developed countries of the worlds, it should be realized that this is only a financial crisis and it is not an economic crisis, but the risk can be presented if this financial crisis generates and lead us into an international economic crisis.
If this can be deepen and affect other sectors of the economy, then as part of international trade relations, there will be surely indirect effects.
Let suppose that there are 450 milion euros in a year that comes by the migrants, who are living and working in Switzerland, Italy or Germany, if their employement is hampered then their real income will be reduced as a consuquence of the crisis so from their incomes they will be able to send less in Kosovo and this could be directly an influence on those families who lives from this kind of revenues.
We must know that the financial crisis will create everywhere more unemployment, a high level of poverty and it will also rise the level of crime, so those are the reasons why the world must be clear-sighted and take preventive measures, to avoid the events and the consequences of 30 years as well as 80 years of world economic crises, where milions of people in the world have died from hunger.
Considering that Kosovo is a small country with a weak economy, where GDP per capita is $ 1900-2600$ then the government and the institutions of our country must take immediately measures to prevent any kind of risk that would affect the country by the financial global crisis.
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