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:Po merrem me te sapo te kem kohe per te nisur rrobotin. Mua me duket se eshte me shume nje pune per [[User:Bet_0]]. --<small style="background:#000">'''&nbsp;&nbsp;[[User:Eagleal|<span style="color:#fff">eagle</span>]][[User talk:Eagleal|<span style="color:#fff;background:#f00">al</span>]]&nbsp;'''</small> 26 Tetor 2009 01:34 (CET)
== Protection ==
This page is protected, and has been for 4.5 months, and before that for almost a year. Yet I find no reason for the protection given, and no relevant discussion here. If I may ask, what is the reason for the protection, and when can we expect it to be lifted? - [[Përdoruesi:Andre Engels|Andre Engels]] 9 Janar 2010 22:53 (CET)