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==Lidhje të jashtme==
* [http://www.mcjones.org/System_R/SQL_Reunion_95/sqlr95.html ''1995 SQL Reunion: People, Projects, and Politics'', by Paul McJones (ed.)]: transcript of a reunion meeting devoted to the personal history of relational databases and SQL.
* [http://special.lib.umn.edu/findaid/xml/cbi00168.xml American National Standards Institute. X3H2 Records, 1978-1995] [[Charles Babbage Institute]] Collection documents the H2 committee’s development of the NDL and SQL standards.
* [http://www.cbi.umn.edu/oh/display.phtml?id=317 Oral history interview with Donald D. Chamberlin] [[Charles Babbage Institute]] In this oral history Chamberlin recounts his early life, his education at [[Harvey Mudd College]] and [[Stanford University]], and his work on relational database technology. Chamberlin was a member of the System R research team and, with [[Raymond F. Boyce]], developed the SQL database language. Chamberlin also briefly discusses his more recent research on XML query languages.
* [http://troels.arvin.dk/db/rdbms/ Comparison of Different SQL Implementations] This comparison of various SQL implementations is intended to serve as a guide to those interested in porting SQL code between various RDBMS products, and includes comparisons between SQL:2008, PostgreSQL, DB2, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and Informix.
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