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Sei nicht so einer trotel, wenn es brend, man ruft die ... .--[[Përdoruesi:Kurreshtja|Kurreshtja]] 16 Qershor 2010 00:37 (CEST)
Hello, user Hoo man. As you've been active recently in the albanian wikipedia because of the vandalization of articles created by me, user Kristiani95 and user Elio96, the administrators have unjustly accused us for vandalizing our articles and for being sockpuppets. I will be pleased if you vote against this in [http://sq.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Kuvendi#Votimi_per_bllokim].--[[Përdoruesi:Kristiani95|Kristiani95]] 23 Qershor 2010 22:33 (CEST)