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other Albanian as Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro. He started to sing since the age of children's. Since then he sang upbeat songs until he was presented with the song "Come to vallëzojmë" where you start to change ways of singing. Including Mejzinit records 4 albums: (You drive me crazy, My Heart Will Go On, New Yourk, Please invite me) are doing good and successful, being sold in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and in the Albanian diaspora for the first time Alexander emigrate towards Europe and the Swedish town of Karlskoga stop in his activity as musicians, especially the vocals continue there. in Swedish he is singing at age femijrore kendonte since he was from 2004 to 2004 participated in Kukes little genius festival fever therefore the existence etj.festiavle raise his voice with her mother, father, and sister His career is known in countries Sweden, Macedonia, Kroatci, France, Turkey, Greece, and the general public Struga for Kosovo, Alexander became famous with his performance at the festival, "Dayton Kosovo. In this festival, he appeared with the song "Because Of You". In 2007, sang together with his sister titollohet song When the Sun which was Peredon song and Alma Bekteshi Sidrit Bejlerit. His songs have also started since 14 June 2004 song because of you was a very painful song and another song We ma leu sun is alive Two of his songs are arranged through festivals, Top list, and in Kosovo, etc. Media. Including a recording of three albums Mejzinit (Because Of You, yet I and My heart Will go on) they have become best sellers in Prizeren, Pristina, Peja, and Gjakova - In Game in 2007 conducted a is a known videokaset called Blessed Diki And it is a videokaset that we can see on RTK radio and video is what you see CFAR Listen Read phonetically Dictionary - View detailed dictionary
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