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The extension has now been enabled : we can begin our work. By default, only local sysops are allowed to mark a revision as checked or as quality. But you can add someone on editor or reviewer groups. Is it fine to you ? -- [[Përdoruesi:Quentinv57|Quentinv57]] 7 Nëntor 2010 12:12 (CET)
:Perfect, thank you very much. --[[Përdoruesi:Mikullovci11|Mikullovci]] 7 Nëntor 2010 12:14 (CET)
::Hmmm... global sysop don't have the ability of marking revisions as checked... Could you add me to group "reviewer", please ? I think that it would be better if I just mark no-vandalism contributions as "checked" and if you mark perfect ones as "quality". I don't speak albanian, so I can be wrong some times... -- [[Përdoruesi:Quentinv57|Quentinv57]] 7 Nëntor 2010 12:26 (CET)