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Kjo faqe këtu është vetëm për diskutim mbi artikullin Gjuha maqedonase. Wikipedia nxit diskutimin mes vullnetarëve të saj dhe nuk do të censurojë komente bazuar në pikëpamjet ideologjike ose politike. Wikipedia nuk do t’i ndryshojë komentet. Ato ose do të publikohen, ose do të fshihen nëse nuk u binden rregullave kryesore.
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Gjuha maaedone e kl 6


This page is protected, and has been for 4.5 months, and before that for almost a year. Yet I find no reason for the protection given, and no relevant discussion here. If I may ask, what is the reason for the protection, and when can we expect it to be lifted? - Andre Engels 9 Janar 2010 22:53 (CET)

I njëjte çështje...
--Mario CUSENZA 10 Janar 2010 00:03 (CET)

sllavo-maqedone ?Redakto

I really see that this article about the Macedonian language here it's named with very iritating name - sllavo-maqedone. I think that is enough for you to know that this article on the English wikipedia has the name Macedonian language, so I think you should change it too. 1111tomica 10 Janar 2010 16:36 (CET)1111tomica1111tomica 10 Janar 2010 16:36 (CET)

I strongly agree with Tomica. In 99% of the world this language is known as Macedonian, expect in Greece and here. Lets exclude the Greeks for the obvious reasons, but why it is named like that here? Can someone give me a clever reasons, since the user Puntori gave me are rediculous. He told me that there is an Ancient language with that name and that' why he protected the article (I have impression that only he applies this kind of policy concerning Macedonia). If we go according to that logics, on Macedonian wikipedia we have to change the article Albanian language into Balkano-albanian since there is an ancient Caucasus Albanian language. Is this ok? No of course. So, let's act friendly and be good neighbours and redirect the article Sllavo-maqedone in Maqedone, sllavo-maqedone into gjuha maqedone and IRJ e Maqedonise into Republika e Maqedonise (I have redirected this article). I hope you will understand our comments as an act of good faith and you will consider the current situation. We, Macedonian Wikipedia, are one of the few that threat Kosovo as separate country, and we expect a good reactions from your side. Thanks in advance.--MacedonianBoy 10 Janar 2010 18:35 (CET)
see en:Macedonian language naming dispute, try to include something from that in here and I will rename the page, you can write it in english, I'll translate, by the way: I lifted the protection so feel free to improve the page--Cradel 11 Janar 2010 01:02 (CET)
Sorry Cradel, but I did not quite understand. You want me to write about the name issue in the article on English? It will be unacceptable, since the text should be in Albanian. We have to mention something in the article about it, but I cannot write on academical level in Albanian. I understand and speak a bit, but no too much.--MacedonianBoy 11 Janar 2010 14:26 (CET)
I have seen the article that you are referring to. Only the introduction is near to the actual true, the rest (all sections) are pure pov, pushed by the Greeks and are nothing then offensive statements. Because there are no active Macedonian users on the EN WIKI the Greeks do what they want. Just look at the sections, they are just miserable and middle aged nationalistic propaganda. World widely is accepted that the term Macedonian refers to the modern language, Ancient Macedonian refers to the old language, and Pontika refers to the dialects of North Greece. If you search on the Net you will never find that names, as State of Skopje, Slavomacedonian or the other crap. I will prepare text for you to translate in Albanian and put in the article. --MacedonianBoy 11 Janar 2010 14:42 (CET)

The name of the Macedonian language, as used by the people and defined in the constitution of the Republic of Macedonia, is "Macedonian" (македонски, makedonski). This is also the name used by international bodies, such as the United Nations and the World Health Organisation. The name is also used by convention in the field of Slavic Studies and many international institutions.

However, for historical reasons, as well as due to an objection by Greece, several other terms of reference are used when describing or referring to the language. Some of the names use the family to which the language belongs to disambiguate it from the undoubtedly non-Slavic Ancient Macedonian language.

I hope it is OK now. I have modified the text that I took from the English Wikipedia, because it is not known whether Ancient Macedonian is Greek or not (very discussed and unsolvable topic) and I have removed the "Macedonian dialects of Greek" phrase, since they are called Pontika. Regards.--MacedonianBoy 11 Janar 2010 14:48 (CET)

Look, I have to mention the fact that it also might be greek, so perhaps we could reach a consensus if we would simply translate the english introduction here, any changes there would be reflected here as well --Cradel 12 Janar 2010 00:40 (CET)
Yes, mention in the article that Greeks name their dialects in Northern Greece as Macedonian, besides the above given English text. That's OK, but the sections on EN Wiki are just, sorry, bullshit. Non existing. --MacedonianBoy 12 Janar 2010 00:46 (CET)
I haven't included this sentence in my proposal ndonjëherë përdoret edhe termi "Makedonski" (sidomos në anglisht) për gjuhën sllave, ku "Maqedonisht" rezervohet për gjuhën e lashtë since such distinction does no exist. In English there is not term Makedonski. The explanation about the ancient language is just fine.--MacedonianBoy 12 Janar 2010 00:57 (CET)
PS: Finally some solution. Thanks a lot my friend. Since I have good impression from you (and from previous our discussions) Kosovo has many articles on Macedonian. Just as they should be.
Yes, about the sentence, I sort of translated the introduction in english, which is a bit crucial for neutrality, but I did add the the template saying there are not enough sources to prove the information so that should do it justice --Cradel 12 Janar 2010 01:02 (CET)
OK, thanks again and if you have time, please take a look at the edit war for the article Republika e Maqedonise, Sllavo-maqedonet and Stema e Republikes se Maqedonise. The country name as neutral one should be just Republika e Maqedonise, the COA should be Stema e Republikes se Maqedonise and the Macedonian people, if you agree, Maqedonët (grup etnik) or Maqedonët (nacia). --MacedonianBoy 12 Janar 2010 01:28 (CET)

Irredentism and nationalismRedakto

OK, how many times should we waste time about silly nationalistic and irredentistic things? How many times should we discuss that such a language does not exist but it is called Gjuha maqedone? Should I go at Meta and ask for intervention or should you rename this article? Remember, this is not Albanian Wikipedia, but Wikipedia on Albanian language and so it it not national one. Please rename the article as it was. --MacedonianBoy 6 Korrik 2010 13:26 (CEST)

Gjuhë maqedonase, maqedonisht, gjuha maqedoneRedakto

Në lidhje me emërtimin Gjuha sllavomaqedone më vjen keq që redaktori i këtij teksti e ka shkruar kështu, shpresoj se bëhet fjalë për ndonjë gabim të paqëllimshëm sepse në gjuhën shqipe ekzistojnë terme si maqedonishtja, gjuha maqedonase, gjuhë maqedone, por gjuhë sllavomaqedonase përdoret vetëm nga nacionalistët, ndërsa wikipedia nuk është një vend ku duhet të theksohet nacionalizmi, por duhet të jepen të dhënë të sakta që të mund të përdoren prej të gjithë lexuesve të tjerë. Sepse shqip flasin njerëz me kombësi të ndryshme dhe shumë prej tyre i njohin shumë mirë si shqipen dhe maqedonishte.

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