Wikipedia:Robotët/Kërkesë për miratim

Kërkesa në proces miratimiRedakto

Operator: MGA73

Automatik/i shoqëruar: That depends. Some edits are checked one by one and other edits are only checked the first few and then the rest is automatically.

Gjuha/ët e programimit: Pywikipedia. Standard scripts like

I përhershëm/i përkohshëm: Permanent. While the files are being cleaned up.

Shpeshtësia e redaktimeve: Usually 10 edits per minute but if more is allowed that would be great. If fewer is prefered that can be done too.

Funksioni: I would like to help clean up files. See further info at Wikipedia:Kuvendi#Cleaning_up_files.

For the bot test I did 3 types of edits:

  1. I replaced the usage of files that are on Commons with a different name. Example Special:Diff/2529876 and Special:Diff/2529913. First edit worked but second failed because there was "" in the file name. I forgot that the bot does not like that so I had to fix manually.
  2. I added {{No license}} on files that does not have a license template. Example Special:Diff/2530018.
  3. I added {{Information}} on files that does not have such a template. Example Special:Diff/2530076. I used English names because it will give a better result, if files are moved to Commons.

Other ideas:

  1. Add the files to categories like "Files uploaded by NN". That will make it easier for NN to check files.
  2. Add source and author and perhaps also license. If NN state "I'm the photographer of all files in "Files uploaded by NN" and I release the files as {{Cc-by-sa-4.0}}" then I can add source, author and license.
  3. Files uploaded as {{tl|GFDL]] may be eligible for a license migration (see Kategoria:Wikipedia license migration candidates). If a user agree to relicense to for example {{Cc-by-sa-4.0}} I can add that too and make migration redundant. If not I can mark files as eligible or not-eligible depending on the date the files were uploaded.


Ju lutemi të bëni 30 redaktime paraprake për të treguar si funksionon roboti. Edits are done. See above.

In case it is relevant I have bots on other wikis too. For example on Commons, Japanese, English, Danish, Malay, Vietnamese Wikpedia. I have made millions of edits. So I know how to do edits and I also know I have to clean up if I mess something up. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 16 mars 2023 16:30 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]

MGA73:   U bë!— Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 16 mars 2023 23:08 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]