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Albanian never know this state with Macedonia but FYROM in albanian IRJM.
Albania have good relations with Greece.Irvi HykaIH--Irvi HykaIH 12 Janar 2010 18:05 (CET)
Breaking five years means that Albania has a written an economic act this country with the name Macedonia but not to have known him.
It is the same that today Greece and Slovakia concerning recognition of Kosovo.
Greece and Slovakia do not recognize Kosovo, but know her passport.--Irvi HykaIH 12 Janar 2010 18:23 (CET)http://sq.wikipedia.org/wiki/P%C3%ABrdoruesi:Irvi_HykaIH
:::Please, before putting this crap, make a distinction between politics and encyclopaedia. This is not UN, but Wikipedia and we work for neutrality. If you do not like it, leave it.--[[Përdoruesi:MacedonianBoy|MacedonianBoy]] 12 Janar 2010 18:25 (CET)
Escape from there you came from. Urals are your lands.
You have the idea that Macedonia, the Greek tribe honored.
Outside the Slavs[[Përdoruesi:Irvi HykaIH|Irvi HykaIH]]
:I can no longer take you seriously and I'd be surprised if anyone else does. You clearly want this article entitled 'IRJM' because you have something against Macedonians and all Slavs. [[Përdoruesi:Local hero|Local hero]] 12 Janar 2010 21:00 (CET)
Këtu qëndrimi mbi emrin mbetet neutal anadaj ftoj administratorët të debatojn për këtë çështje.
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