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Hello Euriditi. Could you please check what [http://sq.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speciale:Kontributet/Deuron this user does] ? That's strange to create an account and to remove a category on 13 pages within three minutes (that's very fast). Could you please take a look at it ? Greetings, -- [[Përdoruesi:Quentinv57|Quentinv57]] 29 dhjetor 2011 20:54 (CET)
:Nothing serious. Actually for this religion related articles I personally, think that it is better to stay in a subcategory "Kategoria:Census" within "Kategoria:Statistikë". I am going to fix it. - '''[[Përdoruesi:Euriditi|<font style="text-shadow:#000 0.1em 0.1em 0.1em; background: #C44747; color:white;l">&nbsp;Euriditi&nbsp;</font>]]''' 29 dhjetor 2011 23:16 (CET)
::Thank you. -- [[Përdoruesi:Quentinv57|Quentinv57]] 30 dhjetor 2011 12:30 (CET)