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Pasi Arni ka luajtur në filmin [[Terminator]] dhe prej vitit [[2003]] është guvernator i [[Kaliforni-së]] , në mënyrë ironike e thërrasin me nofkën '''Gouvanator'''.
Arnold das ist meine E-Mail Adresse aus Deutschland from Germany made time and date Germany ! You got that ! I do need fast something to stay getting older !
> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2019 um 00:49 Uhr
> Von: "Oezer Karakas" <OezerKarakas@web.de>
> An: katherineschwarzeneggeronline@gmail.com
> Betreff: Justice
> So than is done that story marriage !
> I do need fast something to stay ! 2012 i was here to let you sign to be my wife ! Than is done the story i did work 27 years with families i am still not married i am 48 years old 49 years old this year ! The story is done your marriage ! I do need something to stay !
Maria Shriver !
Arnold Schwarzenegger !
Maria / Arnold i do need something to stay !
I did give report Supreme Justice report about the game marriage one wrong step divorcing than is over everybody Arnold Schwarzenegger Maria Shriver Katherine Schwarzenegger and the joke husband game husband ! I need something to stay ! Warrant of arrest will come i did let know there is not marriage game marriage that kind ! Me is not safed i do wait for something to stay LOS ANGELES USA you dropped me in Arnold Schwarzenegger Maria Shriver ! You got it there is no game relationships and game marriage ! He will leave Katherine so or so you got it ! Is just an Adventure ! To appear in the Media with the name to fill the sites to make career with the names ! One wrong site online 5 years jail alone stalking like ! Game marriage / relationship until to 15 years ! Katherine Schwarzenegger Chris Pratt and Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger ! Arnold is old when passed away tomorrow than is completley over Katherine is going until to 32 years jail and Psychiatry and Maria Shriver too ! I did let the high court know to stay away from that kind of stories psychiaters psychiatry they do not need that is an emergency case ! And before me not safed there is no marriage you got it and not Chris Pratt i did let know that ! You got it ! Now let's go ! I do need something to stay a KONTO etc. ! Arnold Schwarzenegger/ Maria Shriver ! The rest of the stories you got it i am because of your mistake 2012 /2013 in Skid Row Downtown Los Angeles USA ! There are no excuses everything is submitted online and the sites are full ! I did connect the high court washington and did give report is a game marriage and a game marriage is unilt to 15 years jail alone ! I did lete you know that ! And what do you waiting for i do need something to stay !
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