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Help with TWRedakto


Are there any developers here that can help with this? Thanks! --Firestar464 (diskutimet) 4 maj 2021 03:47 (CEST)

@Firestar464, hey there! I look out after most of the technical things here so I can try and help even with that but the problem is that I've never got to use GitHub before. I can try to follow the instructions mentioned there "blindly" but there were a lot of steps to be taken just to make it functional (and then the translation part started). If you are free to offer your help to orientate me around or guide me when I get stuck, I can go on with it. :) - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 12 maj 2021 10:12 (CEST)
Ooof, I'm not a technical person either. Do you know any other developers? Thanks for being very helpful! --Firestar464 (diskutimet) 12 maj 2021 12:27 (CEST)
@Firestar464, not anyone who's active these days. :/ But I'll give it a try anyway. If I fail, I'll ask for assistance on EnWiki or MediaWiki on whoever is looking after Twinkle. But to be honest, this approach is a bit strange to me. I've helped internationalise WikiLove and some other extensions and gadgets on the past for SqWiki. Never have I ever needed to work on GitHub to do that. All the work needed was on Wikipedia itself. Anyway, I'll give it a try and report here of the results (even if they're negative). - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 12 maj 2021 12:36 (CEST)
@Firestar464, I'm reporting back as I said I would. I tried but unfortunately I can't get it done. Now there might still be a hope if some of the original developers of Twinkle decide to help me (I might contact them soon) but all in all I believe this has to wait for a future time in regards to SqWiki. - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 17 maj 2021 10:38 (CEST)
"[T]o be honest, this approach is a bit strange to me. I've helped internationalise WikiLove and some other extensions and gadgets [in] the past for SqWiki. Never have I ever needed to work on GitHub to do that. All the work needed was on Wikipedia itself." Perhaps you could reflect these concerns to them as well. Thank you for helping! --Firestar464 (diskutimet) 17 maj 2021 13:02 (CEST)

@Firestar464, do check the talk page of Majavah on EnWiki and see the ongoing discussion. - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 17 maj 2021 21:16 (CEST)

Request for reviewRedakto

Said to be offensive in meta:OTRS ticket:2021051810005234

I found your name at Wikipedia:Ambasadat#Ambasada_e_anglishtes. Thanks for providing support for English language.

Blue Rasberry (talk) 18 maj 2021 16:20 (CEST)

@Bluerasberry, hey there! Yes, it was. Thank you for letting me know! I deleted it and blocked the user for some days. I wanted to ask something though. When I click on the ticket link, I get redirected to a page that asks me to log in. I believe this happens because I'm not part of OTRS. I also believe this is the intended redirection, am I right? If that's so, why do we post links to OTRS tickets in requests like these? Most of the users can't access them anyway. Just curiosity to understand the background infrastructure. - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 19 maj 2021 00:00 (CEST)
Thanks for addressing this.
The OTRS system does not have clear usage guidelines. From one perspective, we want to accept edit requests by email from people who feel unable to post to Wikipedia. From another perspective, Wikipedia is a transparent project and all editorial decisions happen in public.
When someone makes a request by email for a public issue then I disclose that the request came by email, without saying who made it.
Even I wonder what is correct and best. There are not clear rules of how to manage email requests. Blue Rasberry (talk) 19 maj 2021 00:14 (CEST)
@Bluerasberry, no problem. I was just curious because I've seen in the past ticket numbers on other occasions similar to this and for me they've always led to a login screen of Znuny LTS which asks for a username, password and a 2FA token, of which I have none, naturally. And at first it was confusing to see it, given that I knew nothing of Znuny LTS and at the eyes of a ignorant person on the subject it looks like a totally unrelated/random page to get by following wiki redirections. Then I saw the Meta Wiki logo on its tab on my web browser and read a bit on Meta about the OTRS infrastructure and understood what was going on. I'm yet to deal even once with the whole OTRS system but I work often with building new-userfriendly infrastructures on Wiki and if you want my advice, I'd say that the ticket link practice needs to change a bit. Either the redirection page must show something specific to the ticket itself (whatever it may display without violating the privacy rules, maybe a restructured information) other than just the login screen or at least the login screen should indicate some Wiki correlation (logo, text) and/or come equipped with an "error message" or notice explaining why the user is viewing that screen and maybe redirecting to the specific Meta pages explaining the OTRS system. This would make the experience less confusing. Just trying to help from a socio-technical point of view. - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 19 maj 2021 00:35 (CEST)
I am in agreement with you. I want all these things also.
To fix any problem we need (1) proposal (2) consensus (3) developer labor. The general situation is that there are lots of problems associated with OTRS and not much organization to fix problems. My own judgement of the mood of the OTRS agents is that collectively the group is ready for community organization to start making these changes, but there is no one leading any such effort. Almost all OTRS volunteer agents are members of multiple other wiki organizations, and as such, often do not want to organize additional projects.
There currently is a reform in process and now might be a time to request. If you copy/pasted your idea here to meta:Talk:OTRS then I would support, so that at least we have the proposal and start of consensus in place. Blue Rasberry (talk) 19 maj 2021 01:00 (CEST)
@Bluerasberry, roger that. Working on that now. - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 19 maj 2021 01:40 (CEST)
@Bluerasberry, done. - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 19 maj 2021 01:59 (CEST)

Update to Përdoruesi:InternetArchiveBotRedakto

Hello Klein Muçi. I would like to request a change to be made to Përdoruesi:InternetArchiveBot which is protected. Please replace:

<center style="align:center">Ju mund të lidheni me programuesit ose përdorues të tjerë të aftë duke vizituar <span dir="ltr" id="iabot">[[irc:iabot|<span style="font-family: monospace,Courier; white-space: nowrap;">#iabot</span>]]<sup><span class="plainlinks">[https://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=#iabot <span style="color: green; text-decoration: inherit; -moz-text-decoration-color: green; text-decoration-color: green;">lidhu</span>]</span></sup></span></center>


<center style="align:center">Ju mund të lidheni me programuesit ose përdorues të tjerë të aftë duke vizituar <span dir="ltr" id="iabot"><span style="font-family: monospace,Courier; white-space: nowrap;">#iabot</span><sup><span class="plainlinks">[https://kiwiirc.com/nextclient/irc.libera.chat/iabot <span style="color: green; text-decoration: inherit; -moz-text-decoration-color: green; text-decoration-color: green;">lidhu</span>]</span></sup></span></center>

Thank you, Harej (diskutimet) 20 maj 2021 00:37 (CEST)

@Harej, hey there! :) Just did it. Can I ask why is that change happening? I've seen a lot of similar changes happening around today on-wiki but I've almost never used IRC myself so I don't know what's going on. - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 20 maj 2021 01:28 (CEST)
What's happened is that Freenode, the IRC network Wikipedia has used for almost 20 years has come under control of a hostile entity, leading to almost all the staff quitting, and projects are now scattering to migrate to a new competing IRC network founded by the staff who left. I do not believe the Wikimedia Group Contacts, who represent Wikimedia projects on freenode (and now libera.chat), have made an official decision yet, but many have already migrated over in anticipation. The concern is that user data is going to be in the hands of someone who cannot be trusted. Hope that answers your question! Harej (diskutimet) 20 maj 2021 02:00 (CEST)
@Harej, hmm, interesting... As I've said, my experience in the past with IRC has been very short and frustrating, unfortunately. I remember the login page would often glitch and the fact that you couldn't be contacted while being offline or that the message history was gone when you left made the whole thing very inefficient for me to use. Or maybe I wasn't efficient in using it to its full capacity in general. Anyway, thank you for your information! - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 20 maj 2021 02:29 (CEST)

Translation requestRedakto


Can you translate and upload the article en:Geography of Azerbaijan in Albanian Wikipedia? Or, if there is translation request page in Albanian Wikipedia, redirect it here where users who are interested, might want to create it?

Yours sincerely, Multituberculata (diskutimet) 27 qershor 2021 08:18 (CEST)

@Multituberculata, thanks for your interest in our community. Unfortunately I don't deal much with article creation myself. I usually redirect requests like this to @Berishasinan, but I don't know if he's free. If he can, he will help you. Maybe he can find another person if he can't do it himself. :) - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 28 qershor 2021 10:46 (CEST)
Thank you @Klein Muçi, for tagging me in this request! @Multituberculata, I translated the article you requested. You can find it here: Gjeografia e Azerbajxhanit. If you are willing to translate an article for an Albanian writer in the Azeri Wikipedia, I would suggest this article en:Ag Apolloni. Thank you in advance! --Berishasinan (diskutimet) 28 qershor 2021 18:03 (CEST)


Hello Klein Muçi. I've been doing some reverts on sqwiki for a while now, my question is, can I get autoreview (autopatrolled/whitelist) rights so I can bypass FlaggedRevs? This basically means that a patroller doesn't have to go through all of my edits. Thanks! ~StyyxPo? 19 gusht 2021 12:56 (CEST)

@Styyx,   U bë! I checked your contributions and they were generally good. The only "problem" is with big chunks of texts. There are some times when the added text is actually correct even though it is lacking sources. Being that SqWiki is not as big as EnWiki, we usually (are forced to?) accept these kinds of edits hoping for citations/sources/references being added later. But yes, in theory everything is correct. Thanks for your contributions! :) - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 24 gusht 2021 06:09 (CEST)
Thank you! I'll accept those edits then, but I still rather won't if it's on the biography of a living person. ~StyyxPo? 24 gusht 2021 11:10 (CEST)
@Styyx, yes, I know what you mean. If you think they shouldn't be here, don't be discouraged by me. I'm the person who looks after the technical citation infrastructure here (Module CS1, IA Bot, etc.) so I'm the first person who'd be interested in having well cited articles. I just wanted to give you an overall glimpse of the SqWiki community in general given that you're passionate in your help. If you have any problems, don't be afraid to contact me in the future. Good luck! :) - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 24 gusht 2021 11:28 (CEST)


@Styyx, Zemertrimi është nje vandal, shih [1] dhe [2]. Nje tjetër vandal me disa IP është në faqen Kisha Ortodokse Autoqefale e Shqipërisë per disa muajsh.--2003:E6:2F00:1A00:412F:7B6A:10E0:4C0C 20 gusht 2021 15:59 (CEST)

Përdoruesi në fjalë u bllokua. Faleminderit për raportimin! :) - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 24 gusht 2021 06:12 (CEST)

Small help requiredRedakto

Hi again. I was involved in an edit war with Përdoruesi:Agon Mustafa in articles Kontratat e transmetimit të sporteve në Kosovë and Te drejtat e transmetimeve sportive ne Shqiperi. He was adding external links to articles, which I did warn him for, but I just ended up with creating the article for Oversport. :p I have no idea if the machine translation is correct (that's why I kept it as a short stub), nor do I know if the channel I created an article about is actually notable. Would appreciate feedback on that (or in deleting the article if it isn't notable). Thanks! ~StyyxPo? 3 shtator 2021 20:21 (CEST)

@Styyx, hello! No problem. @Berishasinan, can you take a look at the articles above, their history and especially see if the Oversport article is notable enough to be included on the Wikipedia? If it is not, you can mark it for deletion. - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 4 shtator 2021 01:06 (CEST)

Çmimi për redaktimin e artikujveRedakto

Çmimi i dytë për redaktimin e artikujve në Wikipedia-n shqip në vitin 2020 i jepet përdoruesit Klein Muçi.

Çmimi u dha pas konsultimit të komunitetit në qendrën e votimeve.

Çmimi për mirëmbajtjen teknikeRedakto

Çmimi i parë për mirëmbajtjen teknike në Wikipedia-n shqip në vitin 2020 i jepet përdoruesit Klein Muçi.

Çmimi u dha pas konsultimit të komunitetit në qendrën e votimeve.

Marsi GjiniRedakto

Pershendetje perse e keni fshire biografine e Marsi Gjini mund te na e thuash te lutem Marketinng al (diskutimet) 16 shtator 2021 22:38 (CEST)

@Marketinng al, përshëndetje! :) Biografia në fjalë ishte shkruar në mënyrë të gabuar duke krijuar faqe në hapësira të gabuara të rezervuar për faqe teknike, jo për krijim artikujsh. Për më shumë informacion në lidhje me këtë mund të lexoni këtu. Guida është në anglisht por 90% e informacionit aty është i vlefshëm dhe për Wikipedia-n shqip. Gjithsesi më duhet t'ju lajmëroj që biografia ka shumë gjasë që fatkeqësisht të mos përmbushë dot kushtet e nevojshme për të qenë pjesë e Wikipedia-s. Për këtë mund të shihni më shumë te lidhja më sipër (duke ndjekur lidhjet aty) si dhe këtu. Sidoqoftë unë personalisht merrem më së shumti me pjesën teknike të projektit. Përcaktimet e shquarësisë zakonisht kryhen nga administratorë të tjerë kështu që nëse vendosni ta rishkruani artikullin, do t'ju duhet të flisni me anëtarë të tjerë për atë që quhet "kontrollim i tij" (aprovimi për të qenë pjesë e Wikipedia-s). - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 17 shtator 2021 00:01 (CEST)