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Sot u shpërndanë çmimet e Wikipedia-s shqip për vitin 2019 për përdoruesit që kanë ndihmuar komunitetin tonë në mënyra të ndryshme. Urime e falënderime për ata që i morën! Sot gjithashtu nis votimi për çmimet e vitit 2020 kështu që jeni të lumtur t'ju ftojmë të bëheni pjesë e tij te Wikipedia:Çmimet/Qendra e Votimeve. - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 15 shtator 2020 16:58 (CEST)


Hi! I have created the setup page for FileImporter so now it is possible to move files to Commons with very few clicks. If you notice any mistakes you can't fix or if you have questions you are welcome to write to me. I'm not active on but if you leave me a message on my talk page or ping me I should get a notice. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 23 shtator 2020 13:38 (CEST)

But please remember to check if all relevant information is there before you move the file to Commons. I have noticed that not all files have a license and some have no source and no author.
I think it would be a good idea to check all files on and delete those that does not have all the required information. I can help with some tips if you need help with what to look for. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 23 shtator 2020 14:56 (CEST)
@MGA73, hey there! The fact is that we used to (still do) have a problem with multimedia management. Our community has made local upload impossible (except for admins/crats) because we didn't know how to deal with them properly. There was an idea of studying the local laws regarding author rights and then, after creating a page dedicated to explaining them, reallowing the local upload but that idea never came to conclusion. Because of that, our articles, especially the ones regarding books or movies, suffer from the lack of images given that we can only get them from Commons and you can't really have book covers or "anything official" from movies there. Existing images without rights locally are also a problem. What I want to say is that the problem is a multifaceted one and we would really appreciate any kind of help. But unfortunately I can't deal with this personally now. :/ - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 23 shtator 2020 20:32 (CEST)
@Klein Muçi, Yes I know it can be a problem because copyright laws can be very complicated. I think a good place to start is in Special:UnusedFiles. If a file is non-free then is MUST be in use and if it is not in use then it should either be added to an article or be deleted. If the file is licensed freely but there is no source/author then it is probably easier just to delete it than to try to save it because it is unused.
We need local admins to delete the files. I suggest to delete the bad files that does not seem to be usable. If in doubt skip them for now and perhaps ask uploader to fix. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 23 shtator 2020 20:44 (CEST)