Mirë se vini në Kuvendin e Wikipedia-s!

Këtu diskutohen dhe merren vendimet më të rëndësishme që kanë të bëjnë me Wikipedia-n. Temat të cilat nuk kanë të bëjnë me Wikipedia-n largohen menjëherë.

Para se të nisësh diskutimin e një teme, lexo më parë temat e kaluara që të shohësh nëse është zhvilluar më parë si diskutim.

Për të ruajtur sadopak rendin, gjatë diskutimit kini parasysh këto rregulla:

  1. Parashtrojini temat e ndryshme më vete.
  2. Diskutuesi i parë fillon në krye të rreshtit. Përgjigjet vijojnë me : të cilat e largojnë rreshtin djathtas. Përgjigjja tjetër vijon me dy :: dhe kështu me radhë deri sa të bëhen pesë përgjigje (:::::). I gjashti vazhdon në krye të rreshtit pa dy pikat.
  3. Çdo diskutim e përgjigje duhet të nëshkruhet jo me emër por me shenjën – ~~~~ dhe atë menjëherë pas shkrimit e jo në rresht më vete.

Për ankesa rreth përdoruesve specifikë apo Wikipedia në përgjithësi, shkoni te Zyra e Ankesave. Ndërsa për pyetje të çfarëdolloji te Pyetje e Përgjigje.

If you don't understand Albanian, please ask for assistance here.

Cleaning up filesRedakto

Hi! Sorry to write in English. I hope most users will understand.

ALL files MUST have a valid license. If they do not they MUST be DELETED according to the wmf:Resolution:Licensing_policy. It is not possible/legal for any wiki to deside otherwise.

In 2020 I made a comment about FileImporter and files on Wikipedia:Kuvendi/Arkivi_23#FileImporter but did not have time to follow up. Now I have some time and would like to help.

According to Speciale:Statistikat there are 4,732 files so we need more users to help out. Otherwise it will take really long time to fix.

The best is if all active users check own uploads on Speciale:RadhitSkedat and make sure all files have

  • If a free file: {{Informacion}} template and there is a good source (Burimi) and author (Autori) and license template
  • If a non-free file: A non-free template like {{Non-free fair use}} and info about source if known. There should also be a en:Template:Non-free use rationale but that template does not exist on sq-qiki yet.

For non-active users someone else have to check the files.

I made a note about checking files on Përdoruesi_diskutim:Planeti#Skeda_-_Burimi_-_Autori as an example but it would be best if someone could make a central notice in Albanian so user that do not speak English also have a chance to help.

It is possible to add information template etc. with a bot if someone have uploaded many files and need many similar edits.

Admins can help by checking the files in these places and see if the file can be deleted:

  1. Kategoria:All Wikipedia files with the same name on Wikimedia Commons
  2. Kategoria:All Wikipedia files with a different name on Wikimedia Commons
  3. Speciale:SkedaTëPapërdorura
  4. Kategoria:Foto pa licencë të caktuar

I would like to sort the files in these three categories:

  1. Free files (Kategoria:All free media it had 863 files now 1.488 (Click to see who uploaded)
  2. Non-free files (Kategoria:All non-free media it had 540 files now 1.180)
  3. Files without a license (originally 3.329 files not in one of the categories above) - perhaps create Category:Non Licensed Images

I created User:MGA73/NoLicense for files that do not end up in one of the 2 first categories. There are a few things to fix first (example Stampa:GFDL-self should look more like Stampa:GFDL if it is meant as a license template) but soon I would like someone with a bot or AWB to add all the files without a license to a category. Can anyone help? I have a bot but I do not have a bot flag here.

If anyone have time and would like to help clean up it would be great. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 22 tetor 2022 11:59 (CEST)Reply[përgjigju]

Hello again! Ping Përdoruesi:AT44 and Përdoruesi:Klein Muçi. Do you have comments to this? If files do not have a valid license they have to be deleted. It seems there are about 2800+ files where there is perhaps no license. See list on Përdoruesi:MGA73/NoLicense.
I have a bot and can help fix the problems if the bot gets a botflag and if uploaders can confirm that they are the photographer and that they license the files as cc-by-sa-4.0 for example.
Anyone is most welcome to translate. Hopefully we can get more users to help check/fix files. Or delete them if they can't be fixed. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 15 mars 2023 17:29 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
MGA73, hello! I think we've had the chance to talk together in the past. I can give you the botflag, what else do you need? — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 15 mars 2023 19:33 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Hi Klein Muçi! Thank you! Botflag for User:MGA73bot sounds good.

It would be great if you could make a notice somewhere so local users know that help is needed cleaning up files (files should have a source, an author and a license).

Also I created {{No license}}. I think it would be good if you or someone else could translate the text. Feel free to add more help in the template.

It would also be good if you could check and delete (if you agree) files in:

--MGA73 (diskutimet) 15 mars 2023 21:56 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]

MGA73, no problem. Please, make 30 edits with your bot and make an official request on WP:BOT to get the flag. I'll translate the template you've created and take a look on the categories you mention. As for notifying other users, unfortunately this is the correct place for that but we lack activity these days. — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 16 mars 2023 03:06 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
I deleted the images that were uploaded in Commons and also some pages from Kategoria:Faqe për grisje. — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 16 mars 2023 03:40 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
Hi Klein Muçi. That sounds good. I made a bot request and did some test edits too. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 16 mars 2023 16:32 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
@MGA73, the bot has been flagged. - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 16 mars 2023 23:11 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
@MGA73, a small correction:
This file have no license - please add one or file should be deleted should be This file has no license, please add one. Otherwise file will be deleted. The main point here is "has" instead of "have", as that is grammatically incorrect.
Also, let me know if you yourself need any other permissions as a user.  — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 17 mars 2023 09:12 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
Thank you Klein Muçi. Fixed :-) Some files are copied from enwiki or other wikis. In that case the file should be moved from that wiki to Commons and then marked with {{NowCommons}}. If you think it is helpful you are welcome to add more information to {{No license}}. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 17 mars 2023 09:23 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Files are now being added to Kategoria:Non Licensed Images and you can click this link to see who uploaded the files. Everyone are welcome to click and see if they have any uploads to check. More files will come so remember to check again later. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 17 mars 2023 20:49 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]

Skeda:Albania state emblem.png is protected so I can't edit it. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 18 mars 2023 19:58 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
MGA73, not anymore.  — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 18 mars 2023 20:33 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
Thanks Klein Muçi. I noticed that it was moved to c:File:Albania state emblem.png and later the color was changed. Is the local version needed? --MGA73 (diskutimet) 18 mars 2023 20:50 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
MGA73, I suppose no but maybe it would be good if that was saved as another alternative version in Commons as well? — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 19 mars 2023 07:56 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
Okay, Klein Muçi. I moved it to Commons with the name c:File:Albania state emblem 2.png. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 19 mars 2023 09:48 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Klein Muçi there are 109 unused files without a license. I suggest that those are the first files that are deleted. I can add {{Orphan file}} to them like Special:Diff/2532934. The files can also be seen at User:MGA73/OrphanNo-license. Do you have a template for oprhan non-free files? There are 101 on User:MGA73/OrphanNon-free. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 19 mars 2023 10:40 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]

MGA73, all unused files without license are now deleted. I'll check the non-free orphaned files soon and maybe delete them as well. The general idea is that we want to have as little as possible (or none at all) old files locally because they've been uploaded in a time when people weren't really aware of copyrights. Hopefully new uploads, if any, will be more attentive to non-free files' usage.
I don't suppose we have much templates related to files because of the aforementioned reasons. This cleanup campaign has been something I've personally wanted to do some years ago but didn't have neither the courage, nor the knowledge to start it so I'm thankful for the help you're providing. — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 19 mars 2023 17:40 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
Klein Muçi it is fun to help clean up when appriciated. I tried on many wikis and some places there is almost no progress even after 10 years.
I like to tag the files to get them in categories. It is much easer to work on files when they are sorted. For example today I made Kategoria:Files from Flickr. Either they are free and should be moved to Commons or they are not free ans should be deleted. It is much harder with files without a source because there we need the uploader to help out. Perhaps you could have a look again at the files with a NowCommons? There are also some files marked for deletion. And what about {{figura}}, is that a deletion tag? --MGA73 (diskutimet) 19 mars 2023 18:47 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
MGA73, deleted all the non-free orphan photos and all the NowCommons ones. Yes, that is a deletion template apparently. — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 19 mars 2023 22:47 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
Thats awesome Klein Muçi!
There are 2 categories with NowcCommons. There are still some in Kategoria:All Wikipedia files with a different name on Wikimedia Commons. But you better check one by one to see if they are good to delete.
About the files for deletion they should probably also be checked one by one. If missing license is the problem perhaps uploader can fix. Hopefully users will check their uploads when you have time to make a notice.
But its getting late so I'm off for today. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 19 mars 2023 23:10 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
MGA73, is there a way to get the files in Speciale:SkedaTëPapërdorura in a list form so I can mass-delete them? — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 20 mars 2023 08:28 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
Klein Muçi I can make a list. But if the file have a free license it would perhaps be better to move it to Commons and/or add it to an article on Wikipedia. I think many of the remaing files will be gone, if you delete the files in Kategoria:All Wikipedia files with a different name on Wikimedia Commons. But sadly I think it is best to do it one-by-one. (There were some file in the category before I started to check files and I have not checked those old files). Perhaps you can delete those you are sure about and skip the rest. Then I can check those. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 20 mars 2023 10:03 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
MGA73, ooh, yeah. You are right. I'm sorry, apparently I didn't think this through. The general idea was to aim towards a minimal/none at all-local files environment, so we could "start from scratch" by developing a better understanding as to what exactly is a non-free image and how to handle it. There are many book/movie articles which lack images because of this phenomenon and we want to be sure of what we're doing and then start doing it "en-masse" on these cases while creating a sort of standard as to what local uploading should be used for (for example, put in very simple words, we could say that local uploads should only be used for the aforementioned cases and they should have well-explained details on them) while leaving little place for "miscellaneous cases". (I intend holding some discussions with Commons/EnWiki experienced users about non-free images after we hopefully get done with the total cleanup here.) But during this process is better to save as much as possible in Commons so as we don't lose anything that may be considered valuable in the future. — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 20 mars 2023 10:29 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
Klein Muçi The question is if sq.would like to allow fair use or not. If yes then it will require a lot of work to monitor all new files. If not then it is possible to mass delete all non-free files. So if you think, that perhaps sq.wiki should not allow fair use then I would not spend too much time working on non-free files before that has been discussed. Files of bookcovers, magazines, games, movies, music albums etc. are probably easy to handle because it is easy to document that no free file is available. The problem is persons, and historical events etc. I usually stay out of that cleanup (except unused non-free files).
I agree that there is no reason to host free files locally. They should all be located on Commons. If the files are easy to save then we should do that. But are they unused and not easily fixed then I would delete them. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 20 mars 2023 11:24 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
MGA73, yes, that's exactly my dilemma. Truth is we lack the human resources needed to monitor such files. That's why local uploading was blocked for non-admins more than 10 years ago, before I even became an admin. Ever since we've had even less active people doing maintenance duties and maybe nowadays we might have more non-Albanian speaking people such as yourself helping us in these duties than Albanian speaking people. The problem is all our art related articles look rather lackluster because they lack images given that such images are not present in Commons. But if we allow that, that comes full package with what you mentioned and...
I suppose, maybe keeping local uploading only allowed for admin users and having an agreement between us to only utilize it for artistic purposes would be the closest to the ideal... If nothing better exists... I've seen that a project does exist in Meta to set up a Commons-like domain for global non-free images but as you may imagine, that idea rarely gets enough attention as no one wants to go into that minefield. — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 20 mars 2023 13:13 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
Klein Muçi. The best is to have 1 or 2 users that monitor all new uploads and mark any files that are not okay with a "no license", "no source", "no permission", "no fair-use rationale" etc. (it should be possible to do with 1 click via Twinkle for example). That way users are informed fast and hopefully fix the problem and learn how to do it right. The user(s) that monitor uploads do not have to be an admin.
Also if you copy all the templates from enwiki and use the same names (or make redirects) then it is easy to copy-paste from enwiki where I assume most non-free files are from.
On a few smaller wikis the rationale was added in the license template so it is not needed to add a rationale for logos, albums, covers etc. Its not a very good solution because one day the wiki is big and then someone have to check thousands of old uploads. ;-)
Anyway it may seems like a big job to clean up but if it is done step by step it will be easier. And if you can persuade other users to help it will be easier. For example it should be possible to spot logos fast so if someone volunteer to check logos and fix them then that would be easy to fix. Perhaps another user would work on album covers. A third user could work on film posters etc.
We could make a {{Check this file}} and add it on all non-free files. The template could include a text/checklist on what to check and once it has been checked and fixed the template could be removed. That would make it more clear which files have been checked. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 20 mars 2023 14:15 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
MGA73, I'll try to create the template infrastructure that you mention but the problem is that warning templates never help much in our community. I've had to find ways to automatize most things because templates always failed to elicit any kind of response by anyone. Even on those very rare occasions when they do, the people that try to help more often that not, don't know exactly how to help and usually just remove the template with the rationale that "it was bringing problems" and thus think they've solved the problem. — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 20 mars 2023 14:39 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
Klein Muçi In that case it's best to keep uploads at a minimum at least untill the existing files are checked. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 20 mars 2023 15:41 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
MGA73, can you create a quarry about all Wikipedia files with a different name on Wikimedia Commons which are not in use in here? I suppose those can be deleted without giving much thought given those circumstances. — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 20 mars 2023 16:59 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
Klein Muçi The files can be seen in Përdoruesi:MGA73/Sandbox. Once deleted there are 2 files left. One is protected and the other is in use. Perhaps you could decide if usage should be replaced for that file. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 20 mars 2023 17:54 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
MGA73:   U bë! I'm confused about what you mean here: Once deleted there are 2 files left. One is protected and the other is in use. — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 20 mars 2023 19:30 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
You mean the files left at Kategoria:All Wikipedia files with a different name on Wikimedia Commons? Which is the protected one? — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 20 mars 2023 19:33 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
Klein MuçiYes those 2 files. Skeda:Gjilani ne tetor 09.JPG is used in a protected page so I can't replace the usage. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 20 mars 2023 19:36 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Klein Muçi I think it would be best to delete all the files uploaded by Speciale:RadhitSkedat/Amaro. Many are from internet. Those that could be own work have no source. Uploader is no longer active. Can you remove the files from where they are used in an easy way? Or would you prefer to check the articles and see if you can find a replacement? --MGA73 (diskutimet) 20 mars 2023 20:14 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]

MGA73, can those be divided into orphaned and non-orphaned files?

Meanwhile I deleted most files with the delete tag. There are four left which have no clear reason. I understand the logic but maybe you can provide something more detailed so I can put it as the delete summary? — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 21 mars 2023 01:16 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
I wonder about Special:Diff/2534908. Does it not say "license" or something like this in local language with the headig I added? It should show whatever language the user have chosen. So I see it in English. Others should see it in Albanian or Russian or Chinese. File should also have source and author but thats another question :-) --MGA73 (diskutimet) 21 mars 2023 09:59 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
Klein Muçi I added a more detailed reason to delete the files in Kategoria:Faqe për grisje. But it seems it is not visible when I use the template {{Delete}}. So either you have to click edit and copy from there or I should use a different template? --MGA73 (diskutimet) 21 mars 2023 17:59 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
Klein Muçi The orphan files are at Përdoruesi:MGA73/Sandbox. All the files are in Kategoria:Files uploaded by Amaro. Perhaps you can ask if someone would like to replace the files before they are deleted? --MGA73 (diskutimet) 21 mars 2023 18:24 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
MGA73, the orphaned files have been deleted and so have the ones with the delete tag. Can you create a list of Speciale:SkedaTëPapërdorura so I can mass-delete them now? I suppose that will be a good thing to do, no? — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 22 mars 2023 12:15 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Klein Muçi If you have not written a notice somewhere in Albanian I suggest you do that first. That will give everyone a chance to save some of the files if they think that they are usable.

Next all unused files could be a good place to start. But a few looks like they would be worth saving if possible. So I suggest we wait untill a few days after you have posted a notice somewhere. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 22 mars 2023 14:44 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]

I think you can delete the files in Kategoria:All Wikipedia files with a different name on Wikimedia Commons. Only the file with Albanian state emblem is in use but if deleted the version on Commons will be used. And I think that the version on Commons is more correct. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 22 mars 2023 14:49 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
It seems that only these users with more than 10 uploads without a license have made edits within the latest year:
So there are probably not a big chance that a lot of the unlicensed files can be saved. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 22 mars 2023 15:01 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]
MGA73, done. As for the notice, I would but this is the only place for that. You also pinged the users. The only extra-extra thing we can do is do a mass-edit of the files to put individual templates on each of them. Maybe we can mass-export to Commons what seems interesting to save? (I'm assuming each of those images there already have good enough licenses for that.) — Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 22 mars 2023 15:40 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Klein Muçi. Well perhaps just add a short notice in Albanian that we have started to check the files and everyone is asked to check their own uploads (but are also welcome to check uploads made by other users). What they should check is:

  • There should be a valid license (either free or non-free). If there is no license then the file will be deleted.

For free files there should be:

  • A source. Where did the file come from? For example an URL or a statement like "I made this photo".
  • An author. Who hold the copyright? For example username of uploader if they are the photographer. If taken by someone else the name of the photographer etcc.
  • If the photo is not made by the uploader we need to know why the photo is licensed freely. For example if author died 100 years ago.
  • Description. What does the photo show?

For non-free files (I suggest to wait with those but) there should be:

  • A source.
  • A copyright holder.
  • A rationale why this is fair use.

If it has been checked that all is okay free files can and should be moved to Commons. --MGA73 (diskutimet) 22 mars 2023 16:43 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]

Së bashku me përdoruesin MGA73 kemi filluar një fushatë pastrimi për imazhet e ngarkuara lokalisht në Wikipedia-n shqip. Ngarkimi lokal është bllokuar për përdoruesit pa privilegjet administrative prej disa vitesh tashmë dhe 90% e ngarkimeve janë kryer në një kohë kur rregulloret për të drejtat e autorit nuk njiheshin mirë. Synimi është zbrazja e Wikipedia-s shqip nga fotografitë e ngarkuara lokalisht, sidomos ato pa licensë, eksportimi i atyre me licensë në Commons dhe vendosja e një standardi të ri për sa i përket ngarkimit lokal. Më shumë informacion dhe një mundësi për t'u përfshirë në fushatën në fjalë, gjendet në diskutimin më sipër.
MGA73, done.— Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 22 mars 2023 19:21 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]

Office hour(s) - CEE HubRedakto

Hello everyone,

We want to invite you to the first monthly office hour(s) that CEE Hub will organize, where you can learn more about newly formed regional hub, and what CEE Hub can help you and your communities. The first session will take place on Sunday, March 12th at 17:00 CET time.

Open office hours are meant as a virtual space where anyone can talk to CEE Hub staff, ask questions, or discuss relevant CEE and Hub related topics.

Please respond to the email addresses toni.ristovski@wmceehub.org or barbara.klen@wmceehub.org, as you can get the invitation link on time.

We will be happy to see some of you. --TRistovski-CEEhub (diskutimet) 10 mars 2023 12:01 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]

Wikimania 2023 Welcoming Program SubmissionsRedakto

Do you want to host an in-person or virtual session at Wikimania 2023? Maybe a hands-on workshop, a lively discussion, a fun performance, a catchy poster, or a memorable lightning talk? Submissions are open until March 28. The event will have dedicated hybrid blocks, so virtual submissions and pre-recorded content are also welcome. If you have any questions, please join us at an upcoming conversation on March 12 or 19, or reach out by email at wikimania@wikimedia.org or on Telegram. More information on-wiki.

Fushata "CEE Spring 2023"Redakto

Për të 8-in vit radhazi Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group do të marrë pjesë në eventin e CEE Spring-ut 2023, i cili mbështet krijimin e artikujve në Wikipedia për rajonin e Evropës Qendrore-Lindore nga 21 marsi deri më 31 maj. Gjatë kësaj fushate, Wikipedian-ët do të përkthejnë artikuj nga Wikipedia të gjuhëve të ndryshme për të përhapur kulturën, historinë, traditat dhe njerëzit nga vendet evropiane. Duke qenë se edhe ne do të jemi pjesë e këtij eventi të përvitshëm na ndihmoni të pasurojmë listën e artikujve të Kosovës dhe Shqipërisë me artikuj. Mund të kontribuoni edhe ju e të propozoni artikujt në listat e Kosovës dhe Shqipërisë. Faleminderit! Vyolltsa (diskutimet) 21 mars 2023 11:19 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]

Administrator i riRedakto

Përdoruesi Berishasinan është kandidat për administrator. Mund të votoni pro/kundër/asnjanës për të te Wikipedia:Administrata/Administratorë/Kandidatura/Berishasinan. - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 22 mars 2023 20:54 (CET)Reply[përgjigju]